Technical Exams - Engineering

This page explains the application process for engineer-in-training applicants who have been assigned technical exams by the academic review committee.

If you have not had an academic review and been assigned exams, then you should not be submitting an application to write technical exams.

Click here for more detailed information on APEGS technical exam programs.

Exam Schedule and Fees

Technical Exams are offered twice a year, once in mid May and once in early December. The spring 2017 exams will be written the week of May 8th-12th.  Applications must be received by February  22, 2017. (This date may be extended if the exam is already being developed for other examinees.) The last day to withdraw from exams with a full refund is March 9, 2017

Click here for the Spring 2017 Exam Application.

The fee for writing technical exams is $175.00 per exam, payable at the time of application.

Exam Application Process

1. Check the letter you recevied from APEGS to ensure that you apply for the correct exam.

If you have been assigned confirmatory exams then you must choose the exams you want to write. You must choose two exams from group A one from group B of the appropraite syllabus. You do not have to write all the exams at the same time. 

If you were assigned deficiencies, and you want to fulfill them by writing a challenge exam then you must write exams in the specific subjects that were assigned as deficiencies.

2. Submit the Spring 2017 exam application.

You must print out the form and sign it. You should submit the signed form to, and use the subject title "technical exam application".

Information for Spring 2017 Exams

You are responsible for being at the right place, on the correct date and time for your exam. Click here for the Exam Timetable.

Click here For a list of exam formats and aids that are permitted.

Click here for information and guidance for exam candidates.

Check the APEGS technical exams program document for information on Saskatchewan exam sites. If you are located in Regina, you must write at the APEGS office.

Permitted Calculator Models

Format 1 - No calculator permitted.  The exam may be Closed or Open Book.                                         

Format 2 - There are two calculator models permitted for this format: either a Casio or Sharp model.  The exam may be Closed or Open Book.   Note, any alpha letters that immediately follows the calculator model number is fine except for the letter ‘s’ which means the calculator is programmable.  If the letter ‘s’ is in combination with other alpha letters then the calculator is acceptable i.e. ‘ms’. (Please note that “none” in the list of aids represents no further instructions for this exam.)

Format 3 - Any non-communicating calculator will be permitted.  The exam will be an Open Book exam.  Candidates will identify the calculator used on the inside left-hand sheet of the exam workbook; i.e., name and model designation. (Please note that “none” under aids and instructions means that you may bring as many textbook(s) or notes etc. into the exam. There are no restrictions with this format 3 exam.)   Please note space allocated to candidates writing open book exams will be the same as closed book exams.  Therefore you will need to limit the number of textbooks brought into the exam room.


Writing the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam

It is possible to write the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES) Fundamentals of Engineering exam instead of confirmatory exams. This exam is offered through Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA). You must submit your application directly to APEGA. This is a link to their application form On the application form you must indicate that you are an APEGS applicant. You will not be able to submit your application online. You must print it out and email a completed copy to APEGA at

What Happens Next

1. Although the national technical exams are set by Professional Engineers of Ontario (PEO), APEGS will coordinate the exam writing process for you. APEGS will confirm receipt of your application by sending you a receipt for payement of the exam application fee.

2. The technical exam schedule will be posted on this page of the website as soon as it is made available by PEO. You should check here to find the date and time of your exam.

3. If you choose to write your exam in Regina, you must write it at the APEGS office and APEGS staff will invigilate for you. APEGS also has sites in Moose Jaw, North Battleford, Prince Albert, Yorkton and Saskatoon where we will provide the invigilation service. If you choose to write your exam in location not listed here, you must arrange for someone to invigilate the exam  for you. The invigialtor must be either a P.Eng. or P.Geo. registered somewhere in Canada, or an admistrative official with a post-secondary institution, or another suitable person approved by APEGS.

4. If you are not writing your at one of the pre-arranged APEGS locations, then you must notify apegs of the person who has agreed to inviglate your exam, and you must provide their contact information, including name, address, phone number, and email address. APEGS will contact them to confirm that they are willing to act as an invigilator and explain the process to them.

5. APEGS will provide the exam paper and instructions to the invigilator. The invigilator will send the completed exam back to APEGS.

6. APEGS sends the exams to PEO for marking. The results of your exam will be sent to you by mail approximately 2 months after the exam was written.

7. You will not be permitted to view your exam after it has been marked. There is an option to request a re-read (cost of $275) if you do not agree with the result.

How do I find study materials to prepare for my exam?

PEO has information about recommended text books on their website

You can also find examples of past exams on the APEGBC website