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Notice: The Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program Document has been updated as of March 2021.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program

The APEGS CPD Program came into effect on January 1, 2019. It is required that all APEGS members report their CPD information to APEGS each year.

For the latest version of the CPD Program Document, which describes the program in detail click here.

The annual requirements for members are: 
  1. Create / update a CPD Plan
  2. Track your CPD
  3. Obtain your minimum number of credits
  4. Obtain credits in the minimum number of categories
  5. Obtain 1 hour of verifiable ethics training
  6. Report your CPD information online

To determine the number of credits and categories needed each year, refer to the table below.

* Members joining APEGS part way through the reporting year may prorate requirements. See Section 4.5 of the CPD Program Document.

** The licence waiver holder requirements apply to any Member-in-Training, Professional Member or Engineering or Geoscience Licensee who has been granted a licence waiver for the entire year.

Related Documents

CPD Program

CPD Program Document - March 2021.pdf

CPD Plan

CPD Plan template.pdf 
CPD Plan template.docx

CPD Plan Questionnaire.pdf 
CPD Plan - Examples.pdf 
Scope of Practice Examples.pdf  

Tracking CPD

CPD Activity Tracker - Template - 2021 Version.xlsx
Annual Activity Record - Examples.pdf 
Banked Credits - Example.pdf 

Reporting CPD

APEGS - How to report CPD credits online - 2021 Guide.pdf
APEGS - How to enter Reporting Elsewhere CPD credits - 2021 Guide.pdf


Ethics Requirement Overview - 2021 Guide.pdf

Variation Program

Program Description:

If there are extenuating circumstances why a member cannot meet their annual CPD requirements, they can apply for a requirement reduction via the CPD Variation Program. Members must apply for a Variation each year a Variation is needed. For more information, refer to Section 5 of the CPD Program Document. 

Variation Application Forms:

CPD Variation Application - Word format.docx
CPD Variation Application - pdf fillable form.pdf
Example - CPD Variation Application.pdf

Upcoming submission cut-offs for C
PD Variations

Cut-off date to go to the next Committee meeting for review Type of Variation Application Accepted
June 9, 2021 2021 CPD Variation
August 17, 2021 2021 CPD Variation
September 30, 2021
Last day for 2021 Variations. 2021 Variations will not be accepted after this date.

2021 CPD Variation
November 23, 2021 2022 CPD Variation
January 4, 2022 2022 CPD Variation
February 22, 2022 2022 CPD Variation
March 23, 2022 2022 CPD Variation
  • Further dates will be posted here as committee meeting dates are set.
  • These dates are subject to change.


CPD Remediation Program

Program Description:

If a member is not able to meet their CPD requirements for the year, they must complete a CPD Remediation Plan and submit it to APEGS for review. This document outlines what specific activities the member will undertake the next year to make up the deficient requirements from the previous year. Note that these remedial activities will be in addition to a member's regular requirements for that year. For more information, refer to Section 6 in the CPD Program Document. 

Remediation Plan Forms:

CPD Remediation Plan for 2020 Reporting Period - Template.pdf 
CPD Remediation Plan for 2020 Reporting Period - Word Template.docx

Upcoming submission cut-offs for CPD Remediation Plans

Cut-off date to go to the next Committee meeting for review Type of Remediation Accepted
June 9, 2021 2020 CPD Remediation Plan
August 17, 2021 2020 CPD Remediation Plan
September 30, 2021 2020 CPD Remediation Plan
November 23, 2021 2020 & 2021 CPD Remediation Plan
January 4, 2022 2021 Remediation Plan
February 22, 2022 2021 Remediation Plan
March 23, 2022 2021 Remediation Plan
  • Further dates will be posted here as committee meeting dates are set.
  • These dates are subject to change.

Other Documents 

PD Days Pricing Policy (April 2019).pdf

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