89th Annual Meeting and Professional Development Conference

May 2 - 4, 2019
Hotel Saskatchewan
Regina SK

Professional Development Plenary
Keynote: Deanna Burgart, P.Eng., CET

Empowering Indigenous Communities to Embrace Their Inner Innovator

Friday May 3, 2019

8:45 am - 9:45 am

Regency Ballroom
Dress - Business Casual 
Deanna Burgart is an engineer, speaker, and mentor that has a talent for identifying gaps and providing solutions to systemic, organizational and transformational change.

She brings over 20 years of experience and education in energy and pipelines and is passionate about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and United Nations Declaration of Rights of Indigenous People. She helps STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) focused organizations and educators operationalize Indigenous inclusion in their work.

In a changing world, there is a greater focus on innovation. A digital world invites us to change our mindset and consider more democratized innovation. Ecosystems of innovators, technical specialists and humanitarians are growing to help find solutions to global challenges. Some key challenges can be summarized by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. These 17 goals include focus on issues such as poverty, gender equality, sustainable energy and food security. Engineers can be part of the solution with many of these issues, and there is great disparity between Indigenous and non-Indigenous metrics in these areas. We cannot solve the problems of today with the same systems and perspectives that caused them. Deanna Burgart, Indigeneer™, believes that greater incorporation of diverse perspectives, including Indigenous perspectives and worldviews, can be a catalyst to finding solutions in a more meaningful, long term way.

A First Nations adoptee, Deanna has been on a journey to find her roots, and it inspired a passion to reach Indigenous youth and bring Indigenous voices into the sustainability conversation. She will share her own challenges and the impacts of intergenerational trauma as a descendent of Residential School survivors and will outline the key lessons she has learned along the way. Powerful lessons in mentoring, inclusion and the beauty of combining Indigenous ways of knowing into Engineering to empower future engineers.

In her authentically vulnerable and exuberant style, participants will be led through the vast history of Indigenous innovation. Indigenous peoples have led innovations for thousands of years. Deanna shares her own stories and examples of incredible initiatives of Indigenous inclusion in Engineering, Innovation, Design and Energy. She will invite participants to join her in seeing a future that invites more Indigenous voices to the table towards solutions for all. Participants will leave feeling empowered to listen, learn and grow with the wisdom of Indigenous peoples they are fortunate to meet on their journey.


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