Due to COVID-19, the APEGS office is closed and staff is working remotely until further notice. Our response time may be longer than usual. We appreciate your patience, and we apologize for the inconvenience.

International Geoscience Graduates

The COVID-19 Pandemic may causse delays in completing your academic assessment. 

Notice: COVID-19 and Cancellation of field schools.
  • Field Techniques is a foundational geoscience subject and will not be waived for those graduating during COVID-19.
  • APEGS will accept other types of field experience in-lieu of a formal field school course.
  • Field experience must be verifiable and must meet the requirement for the subject Field Techniques as set out in Geoscience Knowledge and Experience Requirements for Professional Registration in Canada (GKE).


Member-in-training Application Process

The application process for international graduates is summarized in the following document.

APEGS Process - International Graduates
You can also review the International member-in-training applicants Information session in either pdf or video format.

If you have a bachelor level geoscience degree from outside Canada, or a bachelor of science degree from Canada that is not in geoscience, then you should follow the process outlined below. If your degree is from Canada then you should skip step 2. A WES assessment is not required for Canadian graduates.


Immigration Information

If you are planning to immigrate to Canada under the Federal Skilled Worker Program you should read about the Express Entry system and the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program, and how they relate to your APEGS application.

To apply for SINP, they require the approval letter showing that you are currently an geoscientist-in-training, or the academic assessment result letter showing that you have been assigned confirmatory exams. Therefore, you must apply with APEGS first, complete the academic assessment process and wait for the your result/approval letter. 


Member-in-training Application

Before you start!

Learn about the entire process for professional licensure.You should read and understand the information on the following web pages. OverviewMember-in-trainingProfessional memberWork Experience ReportingProfessional Practice Exam.

** Note: If, after reading this information, you wish to meet with someone at APEGS, then you must MAKE AN APPOINTMENT AHEAD OF TIME.  Please contact the APEGS office.

Application Fees and Timelines



If during the registration process APEGS discovers that an applicant or member may not meet the Good Character Guideline then action will be taken.


The following are required for this process:

      i.        APEGS Member-in-training application and fee ($210 including tax)

     ii.        World Education Services ICAP course-by-course assessment*

    iii.        Proof of identification

    iv.        Academic Assessment fee

     v.        Self-assessment

    vi.        Official Program Syllabi (if required)

   vii.        Resume

* not required for Canadian graduates of non-geoscience programs

Your Contact Information

Once you have applied with APEGS we need to be able to contact you both by email and regular mail. It is very important that you keep your contact information up to date or you may not receive important correspondence regarding your file. It is your responsibiloity to make sure the information we have is correct and up to date. You can do this using APEGS Central (the new online profile). You wlll be notified when your APEGS Central account has been created. Click Login on the top right corner of any APEGS web page to login. 

Application Process

If you have questions about the application process contact us at Questions-AcademicReview@apegs.ca

Step 1: Submit Member-in-training Application

Online application instructions for first time applicants who have never applied to APEGS in the past:

You must apply online using a credit card. 

1)      Create an account with APEGS* and follow the instructions on screen: 


* If you have applied to APEGS in the past then you already have an account and you would not use this sign up page. You would go straight to APEGS Central (your online profile) by clicking “Login” on the top right corner of this page. If you don’t remember your former registration number/User ID with APEGS, please contact the APEGS office: 306-525-9547, toll free 1-800-500-9547, or apegs@apegs.ca.

2)      Check your email for “APEGS sign up verification” from APEGS apegs@apegs.caThe link in this email will take you to APEGS Central homepage and click on "Applications" tab which is on the left side of APEGS Central home page.

3)      Select “Apply Now”.

4)      Follow the instructions on screen to choose the correct application type (Geoscientist-in-Training - international graduate).

Step 2: Submit an application to World Education Services* 

All internationally educated geoscience applicants must submit an application to World Education Services (WES) for a course-by-course ICAP credential evaluation. You must include all non-Canadian university education that is relevant to geoscience as part of the WES credential evaluation. You must choose APEGS as a recipient of the report and then WES will provide APEGS with secure electronic access to your credential evaluation and copies of the verified academic documents that were assessed. You do not need to provide us with a copy of your assessment!

If you already have an Educational Credential Assessement (ECA) report completed by WES for immigration purposes, then you must upgrade to the standard course-by-course report. You must also request a duplicate report and selecet APEGS as a recipient of that report.

*Exceptions to WES requirement: 

1- If you graduated from an institution for which WES will not do an assessment, click here for instructions on how to provide academic documents and direct confirmation of graduation to APEGS. Click here for the Confirmatin of Graduation Form to send to your university.
2 - If you have a Canadian bachelor of science degree that is not in geoscience, then you are not required to have a WES assessment. However, you must have the university that you graduated from issue a copy of your transcript directly to APEGS.


Step 3: Mail proof of ID document to APEGS

You must provide proof of your identity by completing the guarantor form and sending it to APEGS by mail (post).

Proof of Identification Form with example.pdf

If you do not know a professional engineer or geoscientist registered in Canada who can be a guarantor, a staff member at the APEGS office can sign your form. You must bring the guarantor form and you government issued photo ID to the APEGS office.  If you do not bring your ID with you the staff cannot sign the form.

Proof of ID must be sent to the APEGS office by mail (post). Faxed or scanned copies are not acceptable.

Step 4: Academic Assessment 

The Academic Assessment requires that you pay a fee of $210 including tax (in addition to the member-in-training application fee) and submit the following to APEGS by email:

i.    APEGS will notify you once the invoice for the academic assessment fee has been posted to you online profile
ii.   Self-Assessment
iii.  Official Program Syllabi 

Email documents to Documents-AcademicReview@apegs.ca  

Make sure that the resume you provide includes all the geoscience experience you have gained since completing your bachelor degree. You must include the dates (including month and year) you started and ended each position, the title of the position, the name of the company and a brief description of the job tasks. There is no prescribed format for the resume. Submit the same style resume that you would use for a job application. We review your resume to see the full history of your academic and experience background.

The documents in ii through iv must be sent by email after you have submitted your online application. Please include your file number and full name on each document.

Steps 1 through 4 must be completed before we will begin processing your application.

Once we have received all the required documents including your WES credential evaluation, we will begin assessing your file. We will send you an email telling that your file is now “In Progress” and give an estimate of how long it will take for the academic assessment to be completed.

Next Steps

What happens once my application has been received?

Once you have completed steps one through three and APEGS has received all the relevant documents, APEGS will send you an email to confirm that your files is now “in progress”. The email will state: Your application for an academic review as part of your member-in-training application with APEGS is completed in full. We have received all the documents we need and your file is now considered to be “in progress”. The estimated time for the academic assessment to be completed is one year from this date.

We will not provide status updates by email or phone, so please do not contact APEGS to inquire about it. Once the Academic Review Committee has made a decision on your file, you will be notified by mail. Please make sure that your contact information is kept up to date in our database to ensure that you receive mail from us. You can update your profile through APEGS Central (the new online profile). Click Login on the top right corner of any APEGS web page to login.

What is an Academic Assessment?

APEGS will compare your academic background to the Canadian academic standard for geoscience. The Canadian Council of Professional Geoscientists (Geoscientists Canada) has set this standard and outlined it in a document called “Geoscience Knowledge and Experience Requirements (GKE)”, or GKE for short.

Possible Results of Academic Assessment


If there are any gaps in your academic background compared to the GKE then you will be assigned to fill these gaps or “deficiencies”. If you have more than six deficiencies then APEGS will deny your application. However you will be given a “roadmap” of what you must do to re-apply in the future. You are given three options for fulfilling deficiencies:

  •  taking an approved course(s)


  • writing challenge exams


  • writing a description of work experience that demonstrates knowledge of the deficient areas (called Recognition of Prior Learning or RPL)

Once your deficiencies have been fulfilled, you will be assigned confirmatory exams.

Confirmatory Exams:

If APEGS determines that you have a four-year bachelor level program of study in geoscience that meets the content requirement as specified in the GKE, then you will be assigned confirmatory exams. There are usually three confirmatory exams, but this is at the discretion of the Academic Review Committee (ARC). These technical exams confirm that the level of your academic training comparables to that of a four-year Canadian bachelor degree in geoscience.

Waiving Confirmatory Exams:

Confirmatory exams may be waived in the following circumstances:

  • You have completed an M.Sc. or Ph.D. in geoscience.


  • You have five years or more of acceptable work experience. If the Academic Review Committee (ARC) determines that this is an option for you, you will be notified in writing an you must write up your work experience following APEGS experience reporting guidelines and have it assessed by the Experience Review Committee (ERC). We will notify you if you have this option. DO NOT submit work experience reports unless you are notified that you are eligible for this.


  • The Academic Review Committee (ARC) has determined that your performance in completing deficiencies through the course or exam route demonstrates an acceptable level of education.

Once confirmatory exams have been completed, or they have been waived, APEGS will send you a letter informing you that you have been approved as a geoscientist-in-training. You have the privilege of using the title "Geoscientist-in-Training" only after you have been approved. This letter will include a dues notice for your annual membership and licence fees. Once you have paid the fees, we will send you your stamp and certificate. You will have six weeks to pay your annual membership and licence fees after you have been approved. You can use the title "Geoscientist-in-Training" as soon as you are approved, however you must pay the annual fees before the deadline provided in your approval letter.


What if I'm not sure I'll meet the academic requirements for geoscient-in-training?

If you are not sure if you meet the academic requirements for geoscientist-in-training, you should apply as a geoscientist-in-training anyway and see what the results are. If your result shows that you do not meet the academic requirements, your options would be to fulfill the deficiencies, or apply as a geoscience licensee. The application fee for geoscience licensee would be reduced by the amount you paid to apply as an geoscientist-in-training in the past (the difference in the two application fees is currently $100.   


If during the registration process APEGS discovers that an applicant or member may not meet the Good Character Guideline then action will be taken.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on international graduate applications can be found here

If you have any questions concerning the application process for international geoscience graduates, please contact the APEGS office: Local Regina 525-9547, Toll free 1-800-500-9547 or by email at Questions-AcademicReview@apegs.ca.


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