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This page tells current members-in-training what steps you need to complete before you can apply as a professional member. If you are currently registered as a professional member in another jurisdiction in Canada, refer to the Inter-Association Mobility page. If you were formerly registered as a professional member with APEGS or another jurisdiction in Canada, refer to the Reinstatement page. 

 Requirements (for professional engineer or professional geoscientist)

  • Four years of acceptable experience including one year in a Canadian or equivalent-to-Canadian environment (normally anywhere in Canada or the United States. See Experience Guideline 1 for details). 

                         Work Experience Reporting

NOTICE: A new experience reporting system for engineers-in-training comes into effect on January 1, 2019 and the information on that page will no longer apply. Any "first time" experience reports in the current system must be received at the APEGS office completed in full by December 31, 2018 in order to be assessed under the outgoing system. See the Competency-Based Assessment web page for all the details on the upcoming change. 

  • Pass the Professional Practice Exam (PPE), which is an exam on Canadian law and ethics. 

                         Professional Practice Exam 

  • Good Character

  • English competence
  • If your first language is not English and you have not completed a university degree at an institution where the language of instruction was English, then you must provide proof of competence in English*. See the English_Competence Policy details. 

Once you have four years of experience approved and you have passed the PPE, you must apply as a professional member. See the Professional Member web page for instructions.

NEW - at the bottom of this page, see the YouTube video of the brief overview on how to become a P.Eng. or P.Geo. with APEGS.


If you have any questions concerning the application process for professional membership, please contact the Registration Assistant at the APEGS office: Local Regina 525-9547, Toll free 1-800-500-9547 or by email at alexc@apegs.ca 

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Good Character Guideline

Video - Brief overview of how to become a P.Eng. or P.Geo.

Below is a YouTube video on how to become a P.Eng. or P.Geo.
NOTE - this video mentions the outgoing paper-based experience reporting system. Experience reporting is one component of becoming a professional member. The new online Competency-Based Assessment (CBA) experience reporting system that is coming into effect on January 1, 2019 has professional references incorporated into it, so APEGS will not normally send out additional reference forms to your references (unless there are people you want to use as references that you did not list in the online CBA system). See the CBA web page for more information. 


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