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Do I Need Permission to Consult?
(also known as Notice of Intent to Consult)


Section 17 of the Regulatory Bylaws requires that an "eligible member who wishes to offer consulting engineering or geoscience services, directly or indirectly, shall obtain permission to consult". Consulting engineering or consulting geoscience services are engineering or geoscience services provided by a member to be used by persons other than the employer of that member. Permission to consult is in addition to maintaining an annual membership and licence.

An "employee" engineer or geoscientist is not required to obtain permission to consult if the professional engineering or professional geoscience services are used by the employer and not provided, directly or indirectly, to another person. For example, a professional geoscientist employed by an oil company involved in oil and gas exploration and development as an exploration geologist is not required to obtain permission to consult. The same professional geoscientist providing services on a consulting basis is required to obtain permission to consult. APEGS considers that a person working as a "contract employee" (as opposed to a permanent employer employee relationship) to be an employee and thus not required to obtain permission to consult. 

The bylaw provides that an eligible member can obtain permission to consult within an area or areas of practice in which he or she is competent. The applicant provides the area(s) of practice in which he or she proposes to offer consulting services in accordance with the guide to describing area(s) of practice. In most cases, the permission is granted as requested; however, in some cases the description may be reworded. Members are reminded of their ethical obligation to offer services, advise on or undertake professional assignments only in areas of their competence and to practice in a careful and diligent manner. 

The holder of permission to consult in the area(s) of practice to which documents prepared by or under his or her supervision is required to place his or her signature and registration number on all documents prepared under his or her supervision within the certificate of authorization seal appearing on the document. Holders of permission to consult shall not offer consulting services nor supervise professional activities in an area of practice other than that for which permission to consult has been acknowledged. 

There is no application fee associated with permission to consult.


In order to be approved for Permission to Consult you must meet these requirements: 

  1. You are registered with APEGS as a professional engineer, professional geoscientist, engineering licensee, geoscience licensee or temporary licensee (or the application is in process).  
  2. Your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) reporting must be up-to-date with either APEGS or an equivalent engineering or geoscience licensing body.


Application Process

Submit the Notice of Intent to Consult form. If you are not yet a member or licensee with APEGS, you may submit your Notice of Intent to Consult form at the same time as your application.

Step 1: Submit Notice of Intent to Consult form

Notice of Intent to Consult_July 2021

The above application is the only means currently available to apply. It is not currently available on-line. Applications can be emailed to Corporate-practice@apegs.ca

Next Steps

APEGS will review your Notice and contact you if we have any questions.

Is anything else required?

You may submit the following application at the same time as your Notice of Intent to Consult, if it is required:

Certificate of Authorization (C of A)

Registration information for companies.

How to add yourself to an existing C of A

For instructions on how to add somebody as an engineer or geoscientist responsible to an existing C of A, click here. If the link doesn't work, you can find the information under Members, C of A Changes.  


How do I change my area(s) of practice?

Simply submit a new "Notice of Intent to Consult" using the same Notice of Intent to Consult_July 2021 form that new applicants use.
Note: If you are an Engineering Licensee or Geoscience Licensee and you want to change your Permission to Consult scope of practice, you must also re-apply for Engineering Licensee or Geoscience Licensee as well and be re-assessed. Refer to the Eng/Geo Licensee page and the Limited Member Guideline 1 document. 


If you have any questions regarding obtaining permission to consult, email Corporate-practice@apegs.ca or call the office at 306-525-9547 (Regina) or 1-800-500-9547 (toll free North America).

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