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Regulatory Board


The Regulatory Board has been established to make provision for and administer the regulation of the practice of engineering and geoscience on behalf of the people of Saskatchewan in accordance with The Engineering & Geoscience Professions Act by:

  • Providing a definable and consistent means of identification and registration of practitioners.
  • Developing a current description of professional practice and its scope.
  • Promoting an understanding of professional practice among employers, government, and the public.
  • Maintaining policies related to the orderly regulation of practice.


The Regulatory Board is comprised of the APEGS president, chairs of committees reporting to the board and liaison councillors from committees reporting to the board.


The Regulatory Board meets between council meetings, normally five times per year. Additional meetings may be called as necessary to properly conduct board business. A master meeting schedule is developed jointly by council and the boards following each annual general meeting.

Committees Reporting to the Regulatory Board

The following committees report to the board:

  • Academic Review
  • CPD Compliance
  • Experience Review
  • Licensee Admissions
  • Professional Practice Exam
  • Registrar’s Advisory


Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Saskatchewan
Regulating the professions. Protecting the public.