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Engineering and Geoscience Week 2019

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For Engineering and Geoscience Week 2019, APEGS gave the movie Dream Big: Engineering Our World with an educator guide to every school in Saskatchewan. 

Teachers can also access the movie and lesson plans at ROVER, the Ministry of Education's Recommended Online Video Educational Resources, by logging in here and see how it fits with the curriculum for each grade.

This page contains information pertinent to university students in engineering or geoscience.

Scholarships, Bursaries and Grants

See our web site under Public, Scholarships Bursaries and Grants for information.

Pre-Graduation Work Experience

You are eligible to receive up to 12 months credit toward the four years of engineering/geoscience experience required for professional registration from your pre-graduation (pre-grad) work experience. The experience has to be completed in the second half of your bachelor level program of study in engineering or geoscience and must be supervised by a Professional Engineer or Professional Geoscientist (no opportunity for the mentor arrangement like experience obtained after bachelors).

Pre-grad work experience is written as an Interim Report. It is recommended that you write the report and have it signed off by your supervisor as soon as the work term is completed. Do not submit it to APEGS until you have finished your bachelor degree and are registered as a member-in-training.

For complete information, go to Work Experience Reporting. If you still have questions after reviewing the experience reporting guidelines and forms, or you have questions about your specific situation, contact Alex Chabun, Registration Assistant,  or 525-9547 (in Regina) or 1-800-500-9547 (outside Regina).


Presentations that have been given by APEGS to university students on various topics are posted here when they become available.

Becoming a Professional Engineer - Jan 2020 - for undergraduate students - Presentation given to 4th year engineering students (Canadian graduates). This presentation is normally delivered in the 4th year law and ethics course at the University of Saskatchewan and University of Regina.

Becoming a Professional Geoscientist - Jan 2020 - for undergraduate students - Presentation given to geoscience students (Canadian graduates). This presentations can be arranged by request made to Tina Maki, Director of Registration at or Kate MacLachlan, Director of Academic Review to .

Becoming a Professional Engineer - grads Jan 2020 - Presentation given to engineering graduate students (Canadian and international graduates). This presentation can be arranged by request made to Kate MacLachlan, Director of Academic Review or Ferguson Earnshaw, Director of Corporate Practice and Compliance

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