Due to COVID-19, the APEGS office is closed and staff is working remotely until further notice. Our response time may be longer than usual. We appreciate your patience, and we apologize for the inconvenience.

2021 Council Elections - Call for Council Nominations

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is soliciting names for the council positions described below. You may contact staff support to the Nominating Committee, Shawna Argue, at sargue@apegs.ca to propose names of potential candidates. Shawna may also be reached through the APEGS office in Regina by phone at 306-525-9547 (toll free 1-800-500-9547 North America), or facsimile 306-525-0851.

The Bylaws require the Nominating Committee to nominate, whenever possible, the person holding the office of President-Elect for President, and one person for the position of President-Elect (typically the person holding the office of Vice President). Kristen Darr, P.Geo. is the current President-Elect and John Desjarlais, P.Eng. is the current Vice President. The Nominating Committee is also required to nominate, whenever possible, at least two persons for Vice President and at least two persons for each vacancy on the Council.

Submissions of Nominations

Any five members may nominate an eligible nominee for any elective office, except that of president, by forwarding the nomination over their signatures to the Registrar. Nominations are to be received by the Registrar at least 45 days prior to polling day. All nominations must be accompanied by the written consent of the nominees.

All nominations must be received at the Association office by 5:00 p.m., Thursday, March 4, 2021.

Pollling day will be fixed as Monday April 19, 2021.

Council Nomination Form 2021


The following Executive and Council positions are up for election in 2021


President-Elect – one-year term
Vice President – one-year term

Group and Electoral District Councillors - to serve a three-year term

Group II (Mechanical and Industrial)
Group V (Agriculture and Forestry)
South-East District
Geoscience South District

Terms of Office

  • Only members in good standing are eligible for nomination.
  • A person elected to Council may only hold office while a resident of Saskatchewan.
  • A person nominated for President-Elect must have served at least one full year (i.e. from the close of business at one annual meeting to the close of business at the next annual meeting) as a member of APEGS Council prior to the date on which they would assume office as President-Elect.
  • A person nominated as a representative of an electoral group must be classified with the association in that electoral group.  The Councillor representing Members-in-Training can complete the term of office after obtaining his or her P.Eng., or P.Geo. status.

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