2019 Winter Cities Shake-Up

January 23 - 26, 2019

The 2019 Winter Cities Shake-Up is an international conference for all cities who experience winter. It’s designed to continue the dialogue on what makes a successful winter city. The conference brings together people from across the globe representing a wide variety of disciplines and backgrounds to share best practices and explore creative and innovative approaches for enhancing the quality of life in winter cities. The themes for the conference are Designing for Winter, Operating in Winter and Active in Winter. It includes four days of winter learning, exploration and excitement that runs January 23rd through January 26th. The conference includes: 

  • 8 Deep Dive Sessions (intense and richer conversations and exploration of topics)
  • 16 Breakout Sessions; 8 Guided Experiential Activities
  • Idea Lab and Facilitated Conversations
  • 6 Sponsor Demo Sessions

Topics Include: Climate Sensitive Urban Design; Place Making; Lighting; Science of Snow Management; Getting Around in Winter; Wind Modeling; Winter Traditions; Creating Active Outdoor Spaces; Outdoor Education Programs; Climate Change; Mobility and Accessibility; Culture Attitudes and Social Celebration; Health - SADD, Mental Health, Accident/Incident Rates, Psychological Effects and much more.

Winter Cities Shake Up


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