Inclusive Workplaces Conference

December 4, 2019

Maximize the value of your diverse workforce

What makes us who we are? It goes beyond traditional diversity labels.

#WeAreMore than the color of our skin.

#WeAreMore than the country we migrated from.

#WeAreMore than our gender identity and expression …

We are shaped by our background, our culture, our personalities, and our experiences. We are multi-dimensional and complex. We are inherently intersectional.

We don’t experience the world in one dimension, so why design workplaces with only one dimension of diversity in mind? Truly diverse and inclusive workplaces recognize intersectionality’s relevance to new ideas, the bottom line, and positive culture.

This year’s Inclusive Workplace Conference provides a fresh lens on inclusion. Discover how to cultivate a more inclusive mindset by exploring different frameworks. Deepen your inclusive capabilities through meaningful learning, and get effective tools and resources to put lessons learned into practice. 

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