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Inter-Association Mobility - Member-in-Training

If you are on this page then you are already licensed as a Geoscientist-in-Training, Engineer-in-Training or Provisional Licensee in another Association in Canada or your registration lapsed less than three months ago in another Association in Canada.

Mobility for members-in-training registered in Canada is not covered under the Agreement on Internal Trade, however APEGS Council has adopted the policy allowing for mobility of members-in-training. If you are an engineer-in-training in good standing with a Constituent Association of Engineers Canada or geoscientist-in-training in good standing with a Constituent Association of Geoscientists Canada and you have met the academic requirements for registration, then you can submit your member-in-training inter-association mobility application.


Member-in-Training - Inter-Association Mobility application form and fee

Application Process

Step 1: Submit Application

On-line Member-in-Training - Inter-Association Mobility Application

You may apply online using a credit card. This is the quickest and preferred way to apply. Choose the application type "Member-in-training - Inter-Association Mobility".


Member-in-Training Paper Application Form

You may apply using the printed application form only if a company is paying the application fee by cheque or the company who is paying the application fee does not pay GST (such as Government of Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan Watershed Authority). Do not submit the paper application form if you apply on-line.

Next Steps

Once APEGS has received your application, we will contact the applicable Association(s)/Ordre directly  to confirm your registration. Member-in-training, inter-association mobility applicants do not have to provide academic documents. These applications take approximately two weeks to process.

If you are a former member-in-training registered anywhere in Canada and you wish to reinstate in Saskatchewan, you may not need to fill out an applicationGo to the Reinstatement page for details.

If you are registered as a Temporary Licensee in another jurisdiction of Canada, then you cannot apply to APEGS under Inter-Association mobility. Temporary Licensee means different things in different jurisdictions. For more information on this application type, go to the Temporary Licensee page.

After your application is approved by the Registrar you will be notified by automatic email on how to check your application status and pay annual fees. You have the privilege of using one of the protected titles only after you have been approved.

After you have paid annual fees, your stamp will be delivered which can take up to one week (longer if outside Canada). 

Your certificate will be delivered after it is signed which can take up to six weeks. You do not need your certificate in your possession in order to start using one of the protected titles.


If during the registration process APEGS discovers that an applicant or member may not meet the Good Character Guideline then action will be taken.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on inter-Association mobility applications can be found here

For questions on member-in-training inter-association mobility applications for Canadian graduates, contact the APEGS office: Local Regina 306-525-9547, Toll free 1-800-500-9547 or email at

For questions on member-in-training inter-association mobility applications for international graduates, contact Erin Beare at the APEGS office: Local Regina 306-525-9547, Toll free 1-800-500-9547 or email

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