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International Mobility - United States

APEGS will accept NCEES records again as of September 24, 2021, with the following additional requirements.

  • Must have some experience on the NCEES record from within the past 2 years that is validated by a PE with first-hand knowledge of that experience.
  • If at least 1 year of experience is from within the North America, 48 months of experience credit will be approved.
  • If there is no experience is from within the North America, then 36 months of credit will be approved, and the applicant will be required to meet the Canadian Environment Competencies in the Competency-based Assessment (CBA) system to be given credit for the final 12 months.
  • If the applicant has some experience, but less than 1 year from within the United State, it will be at the discretion of ERC as to whether the applicant will be required to meet the Canadian Environment Competencies in the CBA system

Registration alternatives for professional engineers registered in the United States

There are three alternative paths to registration in Saskatchewan for professional engineers registered in the United States, depending on the background and qualifications of the applicant. The information on this page does not apply to geoscientists registered in the United States.

The registration options for professional engineers registered in the United States are as follows:

1) Inter-Association mobility within Canada,

2) Temporary Licence, or

3) Engineer-in-Training to Professional Engineer (normal registration route).

An applicant who does not qualify for option 1 or 2 must choose option 3
. Please see detailed information below on each of these three options.

OPTION 1 - Inter-Association mobility within Canada

An individual previously or currently registered as a professional engineer in at least one of the professional engineering Associations/Ordre in Canada that is equivalent to APEGS may apply for professional engineer through Inter-Association Mobility. A list of Associations/Ordre equivalent to APEGS can be found here

OPTION 2 - Temporary Licence

A temporary licence is available to professional engineers registered in the State of Texas or have a Cedula from Mexico who have a bachelor level university program of study in engineering. See the Temporary Licensee web page to see if you are eligible. Some applicants choose to get registered in the State of Texas to take advantage of this registration type, then write the PPE prior to the maximum three-year registration limit for temporary licence.

OPTION 3 - Engineer-in-Training to Professional Engineer

An individual who does not qualify under Option 1 (inter-Association mobility) or Option 2 (temporary licence) described above, must start by applying as an engineer-in-training and go through the normal engineer-in-training to professional engineer route.

Engineer-in-training status is granted based on acceptable academic preparation. Any licensed PE in the US is qualified for registration as an engineer-in-training without a detailed academic assessment provided that person has the equivalent of a bachelor-level university program of study in engineering (see International Engineering Graduates for further information). For the engineer-in-training to then attain professional engineer status with APEGS, the individual must provide evidence of four years of acceptable engineering work experience, and pass the Professional Practice Exam (note that this requirement can be satisfied by passing the PPE of another Canadian provincial or territorial Association). There is no minimum time during which the individual must remain an engineer-in-training and therefore a person with sufficient acceptable experience may expect to become a professional engineer shortly after acceptance of experience and successful completion of the Professional Practice Exam. Note that any person may practice engineering on a project or property located in Saskatchewan under the supervision of a Professional Engineer registered with APEGS. If you have an NCEES Record, then it will suffice for academic documents, 3 years of experience credit and references. If you do not have an NCEES Record, then you will have to get a credential assessment by World Education Services, and have your experience assessed using the online competency-based assessment process. Go to the following webpage for more information. 


The major factors to consider when deciding whether you will register as a Temporary Licensee or a full P.Eng. member are as follows:

  • A full P.Eng. member has access to registration in other provinces in Canada under Inter-Association Mobility. There is no such mobility agreement for the APEGS Temporary Licence. See the Inter-Association Mobility web page for further details.
  • A Temporary Licensee does not have to write the PPE, however, can do so later in order to become a full P.Eng. member. See Professional Practice Exam for the application form and exam dates. Note that this requirement can be satisfied by passing the PPE of another Canadian provincial or territorial Association. 
  • Obtaining registration in the State of Texas for the sole reason of becoming a Temporary Licensee in Saskatchewan may be worthwhile. It may be convenient for you to obtain a PE licence in Texas in order to take advantage of the temporary licence opportunity available through NAFTA. If you choose not to do that or do not have the required number of years of experience as shown in Option 2 above, then you must do the full engineer-in-training to professional engineer route.


Requirements for Option 3 (Engineer-in-Training to P.Eng.)

  • Engineer-in-training application and fee ($210 including tax).
  • Document-by-document IACP assessment from World Education Services. 
  • Online competency-based assessment of work experience.
  • Proof of ID.
  • Pass the Professional Practice Exam (PPE). This is an exam on Canadian law and ethics and is not a technical exam.
  • Professional member application (link to Professional Member).

The Member-in-Training page explains the requirements an engineer-in-training must meet before they may apply as a professional engineer.


If during the registration process APEGS discovers that an applicant or member may not meet the Good Character Guideline then action will be taken.

Lying or providing falsified documents will result in your application being frozen and forwarded to the Registrar's Advisory Committee (RAC) for consideration. The RAC can recommend that registration be denied based on issues of good character.

Application Process - Option 3 (Engineer-in-Training to P.Eng.)

Step 1 - Submit Member-in-Training Application

Online application instructions for first time applicants who have never applied to APEGS in the past:

1)      Create an account with APEGS* and follow the instructions on screen: 


* If you have applied to APEGS in the past then you already have an account, and you would not use this sign-up page. You would go straight to your online profile by clicking “Login” on the top right corner of this page. If you do not remember your former registration number/User ID with APEGS, please contact the APEGS office: 306-525-9547, toll free 1-800-500-9547, or apegs@apegs.ca.

2)      Check your email for “APEGS sign up verification” from APEGS apegs@apegs.caThe link in this email will take you to APEGS Central homepage and click on "Applications" tab which is on the left side of APEGS Central home page.

3)      Select “Apply Now”.

4)      Follow the instructions on screen to choose the correct application type (Engineer-in-Training – International Graduate).


Member-In-Training Paper Application form 

You may apply using the printed application form only if a company is paying the application fee by cheque or the company who is paying the application fee does not pay GST (such as Government of Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan Watershed Authority). Do not submit the paper application form if you apply on-line.

Step 2 - Submit Academic and Work Experience Documents

Academic and Experience Records 

Option 1: You may have your NCEES Record sent directly to APEGS (if you have one or will be starting one to apply with APEGS). If NCEES will be notifying APEGS directly by email that your Record is available for download, it is not necessary for NCEES to mail or courier the paper Record.

Option 2: If you do not have a NCEES Record and do not wish to start one, then academic and experience information must be provided to APEGS separately:

  • To provide a record of your academic qualifications you must apply for a credential assessment by World Education Services (WES). Click here to go the APEGS WES webpage.
  • To provide a record of your work experience you must undertake an online competency-based assessment.

Step 3 - Proof of Identification

You must provide proof of your identity.

Applicant Identification Policy

Proof of Identification Form  

Proof of ID documents must be mailed to APEGS. Scanned or faxed copies are not acceptable.

Step 4 – Pass the PPE and apply as a professional engineer

These two requirements are the same as for all members-in-training. The Member-in-Training page explains these requirements. References who were contacted during the experience review step will not be contacted again. Note that the Professional Practice Exam (PPE) can be satisfied by passing the PPE of another Canadian provincial or territorial association. 

Next Steps

APEGS will contact your professional references. Reference forms are exchanged directly between referees and the APEGS office. No action is required on your part.

Is anything else required?

You may submit the following applications at the same time as your temporary licensee or professional member application, if they are required:

Permission to Consult

I am an appropriately licensed individual (or have applied) and need Permission to Consult

Certificate of Authorization

I am applying on behalf of a company for a Certificate of Authorization


If you have any questions concerning the registration alternatives for US applicants, please contact Kate MacLachlan, Director of Registration at the APEGS office: Local Regina 525-9547, Toll free 1-800-500-9547 or by email at katem@apegs.ca.  


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