Lost Members

When mail is returned to APEGS as undeliverable, APEGS takes reasonable steps to try and locate you through the other contact information we have on record for you. We also search public sources for your contact information. 

APEGS is not responsible for lost members nor the consequences of contact information not being kept up to date. For example, if your membership/licence ceases because you did not receive your annual renewal notice, the reinstatement process still applies. Please also note that you are still responsible for renewing your membership even if your renewal notice fails to reach you in the mail. Renewal notices are mailed mid-November and should get to you by about the first week of December. 

A “lost list” is published in The Professional Edge.

What happens if APEGS can't find me

If we are not successful in locating you, your membership status will be changed to "Active-Lost". If your status is still Active-Lost as of the date annual renewal payments are due (5:00 pm January 31st), then your membership ceases and the reinstatement fee will be applied to your account.

If you reinstate in the same calendar year that the reinstatement fee was applied to your account then you pay full annual fees plus the reinstatement fee and things proceed as though your membership never ceased. 

If you do not renew by December 31st of the year your membership ceased then you will not receive a renewal notice for the subsequent year.

If you need to reinstate in a subsequent calendar year then you will have to re-apply.

What happens if APEGS finds me

If we are able to find you and it is in within the same calendar year that you were lost, your membership status simply returns to Active. There will be no annual fees owing because you would have already paid. Note that if you update your contact information in your On-Line Profile, then you need to inform our office by email at apegs@apegs.ca. We do not automatically get notified of changes made online to the contact information of lost members. 

If you are found in a subsequent calendar year to the year you were lost, your status is changed to "Inactive-ceased for non-payment" and you will be sent a registered letter informing you of your status.

Reinstatement of formerly “lost” members whose membership has ceased

The normal reinstatement policies will apply. Please see the Reinstatement web page for details.

What are the consequences of practicing without a licence

You would be subject to a good character review if you re-apply and were practicing engineering or geoscience on projects or properties located in Saskatchewan without a licence. Click here for the APEGS Good Character Guideline. 


For questions, please contact us at apegs@apegs.ca.  

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