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APEGS Digital Seal

Engineers and Geoscientists who wish to produce legally reliable digital documents in compliance with APEGS’s requirements, can now accomplish this task with CertifiO for Professionals - APEGS Digital Signature (referred to as the “Digital Seal”).

What is an electronic document?
An electronic document is a document carried by electronic, logical and visual media.

What is a Digital Signature?
It is the affixing of a digital signature certificate that cryptographically secures an electronic file, thus proving the origin, the authenticity of the signer, and confirm the integrity of the signed document.

What is a Digital Signature certificate? 
It is a computer artefact issued and cryptographically protected by a Certificate Authority (Notarius) attesting to the veracity of the information declared in the certificate. This information may include:

  • Full name;
  • Email address.
  • Professional title;
  • Membership number;
  • Public key,
  • Validity period and the serial number of their certificate.
Members who wish to avail themselves of an APEGS Digital Seal will begin the process of creating electronic originals and authenticate final document using proven technology solutions that meet government standards and archiving best practices for electronic files.

APEGS has selected Notarius to provide the APEGS Digital Seal to members.

How to obtain an APEGS Digital Seal

To obtain your Digital Seal, please visit the APEGS’s page on Notarius’ website: https://notarius.com/APEGS 

Notarius has prepared this document containing a list of the most useful links in order to help you get set up as well as answer the most common questions you might have.  Notarius Useful Links.pdf 

For More Information contact

Chris Wimmer, P.Eng., FEC
Director of Professional Standards
1 306 525-9547
1 800 500-9547

For Technical Assistance contact:

Notarius Customer support
1 855 505-7272

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