New Energy Codes

Building Standards Advisory
Implementation of Energy Codes in Saskatchewan January 2019

Guide - Implementation of Energy Codes - January 31 2019.pdf 

This guide is intended to assist code users in understanding their roles and responsibilities in ensuring buildings in Saskatchewan are constructed in compliance with the relevant energy Code applicable to that building.

This guide also contains appendices which provide information for code users that may be used in applying energy efficiency requirements in specific situations. Appendix A includes the Saskatchewan Climate Information that illustrates the heating degree day boundaries for selected locations in Saskatchewan. Appendix B Frost Depth contains information to assist code users in determining the necessary depth for foundation structural design and energy efficiency. The remaining appendices include information and sample documentation, outlining how code compliance may be demonstrated to a local authority.

Building owners and designers should discuss with their local authority all requirements for permits, plans, documentation, and compliance prior to any construction taking place.

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