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Outstanding Achievement Award

The Outstanding Achievement Award was created in 1998 to honour members who show technical excellence and achievement in engineering and/or geoscience in Saskatchewan.

Selection Criteria for the Outstanding Achievement Award:

       Accomplishments in Engineering / Geoscience (70%)

Service to the professions in public education and / or active participation in engineering/geoscience associations, societies, institues (20%)

       Service to the community (10%)


2021  Jeff Horan, P.Eng. (View video here.)
2020  Jim Christopher, P.Geo. (View video here.)
Esam M.A. Hussein, P.Eng. (View video here.)
Xiongbiao (Daniel) Chen, P.Eng.
2017  Michael T. Sulatisky, P.Eng.
2016  Klaus F. Ottenbreit, P.Eng.
2015  Charles T. Harper, P.Eng., P.Geo.
2014  Richard T. Burton, P.Eng.
2013  Norman B. Beug, P.Eng.
2012  Dr. Arthur T. Bergan, P.Eng.
2011  John W. Ritenburg, P.Eng.
2010  Dr. Klaus Lehnert-Thiel, P.Eng., P.Geo.
2009  George J. Sofko, P.Eng., Ph.D.
2008  Dr. Lee Barbour, P.Eng.
2007  Boen Tan, P.Geo.
2006  Ding-Yu Peng, P.Eng.
2005  John E. Tosney, P.Eng.
2004  Robert G. Lawrence, P.Eng.
2003  Mel U. Hosain, P.Eng.
2002  Dr. Iain Le May, P.Eng.
2001  Graham C. Bradley, P.Eng.
2000  T. Viraraghavan, P.Eng., E. Karl Sauer, P.Eng.
1999  Lorne H. Ritenburg, P.Eng.
1998  * Richard A. Patrick, P.Eng.
1997  * B. Krishna Sareen, P.Eng.
1996  * James B. Stobbs, P.Eng.
1995  * Donovan A. Wishart, P.Eng.
1994  * Garry E. Paulson, P.Eng., * Wilfrid A. Hinz, P.Eng.
1993  * William A. Meneley, P.Eng., * Earl A. Christiansen, P.Eng.
1992  no award
1991  * Clifford D. Smith, P.Eng.
1990  * Douglas L. Harrison, P.Eng.
1989  * P. Barry Hertz, P.Eng.
1988  * Dennis W. Johnson, P.Eng.
1987  * S. Fraser Lee, P.Eng., * E. Frederick Durrant, P.Eng.
1986  * Roy Billinton, P.Eng.
1985  * Karim W. Nasser, Ph.D., P.Eng.
1984  * J. Gordon Watson, P.Eng.,* John D. Mollard, P.Eng.

(*Engineering Achievement Award)

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