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Professional Seals

Sealing, signing and dating (collectively referred to as “authentication”) of documents related to the practice of professional engineering or professional geoscience, is a requirement under The Engineering and Geoscience Professions Act and Bylaws.

The seal constitutes the distinctive mark of the professional. It certifies that its holder is a member of the Association and is licensed to practice professional engineering or professional geoscience within Saskatchewan.

Issue of Seals

Effective with approvals dated January 1, 2021 all new licensees (i.e. members-in-training, professional members, restricted licensees and temporary licensees) will be issued electronic images of their professional seals, upon approval and payment of all associated registration fees. An electronic image of the seal does not include a digital signature. If you wish to subscribe to a digital signature provider, APEGS has endorsed Notarius (see below).

If you do not currently have an electronic image of your seal, and would like one, please send an email to apegs@apegs.ca with the subject: requesting electronic image of my seal.

Physical seals will only be issued on a request, and on a cost recovery basis, including cost for postage, plus applicable taxes. See below for details. 

Ordering Seals

The cost for each new or replacement seal is $30 (GST included), plus postage. To order a seal, please send an email to apegs@apegs.ca. You must include which type of stamp you would like (23mm self-inking or regular 43mm, or both if you wish) and your mailing address. You will be charged $30 per stamp plus postage. See the table below for approximate postage costs. Once we have received your order, an invoice will be posted to your online account under Invoices. Once you have paid the invoice the stamp(s) will be ordered and shipped to you.

Estimated Shipping Costs

Country Shipping Cost (approximate)
Bangladesh $80 - $100
Brazil $80 - $100 
Canada $12 - $40
Chile $80 - $100 
China $80 - $105 
Egypt $80 - $100 
India $90 - $115 
Iran $80 - $100 
Iraq $80 - $100 
Kuwait $80 - $100 
Nigeria $80 - $100 
Oman $80 - $100 
Pakistan $80 - $100 
Qatar $80 - $100 
Saudi Arabia $90 - $120 
United Arab Emirates $90 - $120 
United States of America $30 - $60 

Digital Signatures

Engineers and Geoscientists are increasingly using new technologies in their daily work. The documents they produce remain subject to high standards of reliability. Engineers and Geoscientists who wish to produce legally reliable digital documents in compliance with APEGS’s requirements, can now accomplish this task with CertifiO for Professionals - APEGS Digital Signature.

APEGS has endorsed Notarius to provide the APEGS Digital Signature to members.

How to obtain an APEGS Digital Signature

To obtain your Digital Signature, please visit the APEGS’s page on Notarius’ website: https://notarius.com/APEGS 

Notarius has prepared this document containing a list of the most useful links in order to help you get set up as well as answer the most common questions you might have. Notarius Useful Links.pdf

For More Information 

Chris Wimmer, P.Eng., FEC
Director of Professional Standards
1 306 525-9547
1 800 500-9547

For Technical Assistance contact:

Notarius Customer support
1 855 505-7272

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