Promising Member Award

The Promising Member Award was established in 1998 to recognize exceptional achievements by a professional member in the early stages of his/her career in Saskatchewan.

Selection Criteria for the Promising Member Award:

       Accomplishments in Engineering / Geoscience (50%)

Service to the professions in public education and / or active participation in engineering/geoscience associations, societies, institues (25%)

       Service to the community (25%)


2019 Promising Member Award

Nicholas Christopher Kaminski, P.Eng.



2018  Michael R. Walker, P.Eng.
2017  Michael S. Nemeth, P.Eng.

2016  Beatriz B. de Freitas, P.Eng.

2015  Jerad W. Kupiec, P.Eng.
2014  Brent R. Wolfater, P.Eng.
2013  Cameron McNaughton, Ph.D., P.Eng.
2012  Sarah M.C. Gauthier, P.Eng.
2011  Bahodir (Bob) Youlyahshiev, P.Eng.
2010  Daryl M. Andrew, P.Eng.
2009  Lisa N. White, P.Eng.
2008  Teresa Drew, P.Eng.
2007  Michael Bradley, P.Eng.
2006  Benjamin K. Voss, P.Eng.
2005  Vicki K. Campbell, P.Eng.
2004  Stormy D.C. Holmes, P.Eng., FEC
2003  Steven B. Kemp, P.Eng.
2002  Sheri A. Praski, P.Eng., FEC
2001  Kelly J. Scherr, P.Eng., FEC
2000  Eve A. Casavant, P.Eng.
1999  Kevin M. Ansdell, P.Geo., FEC (Hon.), FGC
1998  * Wanda D. Goulden, P.Eng.
1997  * Douglas T. Wagner, P.Eng.
1996  * Jackeline M. Stewart, P.Eng.,  * Patti A. Kindred, P.Eng., FEC

(*Promising Engineer Award)

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