4 Seasons of Reconciliation

All APEGS members have access to 4 Seasons of Reconciliation, an online course developed by the First Nations University of Canada. It is a self-paced course that takes about 2.5 hours to complete and may be claimed as formal activity under the continuing professional development program in addition to satisfying the minimum of one hour of annual ethics training. Members are encouraged to take the course to raise their awareness and to participate in reconciliation.

4 Seasons of Reconciliation promotes a renewed relationship between Indigenous Peoples and Canadians, through transformative multi-media learning. The course is designed to help fulfil Call to Action 92 of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and provides insight into the history of residential schools, treaties around the country, and reconciliation and restitution initiatives. Featured are award-winning reconciliation documentaries, slideshows, quizzes and an additional video library that is available after you have completed the course.

How to access the course:

  1. APEGS members can sign up using this form.
  2. The Reconciliation Education team will add you within two business days and an invoice for $38 plus tax will be sent to your email from 4seasons@reconciliationeducation.ca.
  3. Once the invoice is paid, you will receive a welcome email with course access from noreply@notify.thinkfic.com.