Current Council Members

APEGS is governed by a council of elected members and two public appointees. The president, president-elect, immediate past president and vice-president hold office for a term of one year after having served as a council member for at least a three-year term. All other councillors hold office for a three-year term with the ability to run for a second three-year term. Public appointees are appointed by Order in Council.

Greg Vogelsang, P.Eng., P.Geo.,

President (1-Year Term)
Erin Moss Tressel, P.Eng., P.Geo.,

President-Elect (1-Year Term)
Ian Farthing, P.Eng.
Vice-President (1-Year Term)
John Desjarlais, P.Eng., FEC,
FGC (Hon.)
Past President (1-Year Term)
Rahim Ahmad, P.Eng.
(1st Year)
Carolyn Emperingham, P.Eng.
(3rd Year)
Jason Gasmo, P.Eng.
(1st Year)
Gavin Jensen, P.Geo., FGC
(3rd Year of 2nd Term)
Danae Lemieux, P.Eng.
(2nd Year of 2nd Term)
Trent Nelson, P.Eng.
(3rd Year)
Kevin Ness, P.Eng., FEC
(2nd Year)
Ashok Thakkar, P.Eng., FEC
(3rd Year)
Richelle Andreas
Public Appointee
Appointments to National Organizations

Engineers Canada – Ernest Barber, P.Eng., FEC, FGC (Hon.)

Geoscientists Canada – Kristen Darr, P.Geo., FGC, FEC (Hon.)