Fees and Timelines

The following section lists a variety of different fees that may be payable to APEGS on a one-time or annual basis. Please note that ALL prices are listed in Canadian dollars. All fees are non-refundable unless otherwise noted.

Payment Options

APEGS accepts the following payment options:

  1. Online by credit card is available 24 hours a day. To pay online, click Login to sign into your online profile.
    • From any page on the APEGS website select “Login” in the top right corner. Your User ID is your 5-digit registration/application number. If you have never retrieved your password before, click on “Forgot Password”. Enter the information requested and an email containing your password will be sent to the e-mail address on record with APEGS. If you do not have a valid email address on record with us, please Contact Us.
  2. By cheque payable to “APEGS” and mailed to the APEGS office.
  3. By calling the APEGS office with your credit card number.
  4. In person at the APEGS office by credit card, debit, cheque, cash, or Money Order.
  5. Money Order mailed to the APEGS office.

To view our most up-to-date contact information, please visit our Contact Us page.

Please Note: You can not pay online in the following circumstances:

  • Licence waivers,
  • If your employer does not pay GST and they are paying your fees,
  • You have a credit on your account,
  • Partial payments. Only payment of the full amount owing can be paid online.
  • Issues on your record: There may be other issues on your record that will prevent you from paying online. If so, a notice will pop up for you to contact the APEGS office.

Application Fees

  • Application fees must be paid online with a credit card when you submit your application online.
  • If you are not able to pay online with a credit card (Visa, Mastercard, AmEx etc.), then you must download and print the appropriate paper application, then scan and email it to APEGS through our Contact Us page and pay by one of the options outlined above.
  • GST will be added to all application fees.
Application Type 1 Fee  Estimated Processing Time
Academic Assessment $200 2 to 4 months
Certificate of Authorization $325 2 to 3 weeks
Engineering/Geoscience Licensee $300 1 year
Engineering/Geoscience Licensee – Inter-Association Mobility $300 4 to 6 weeks
Engineer-in-Training – Canadian Graduate $200 1 month
Engineer-in-Training – International Graduate $200 2 to 4 months
Geoscientist-in-Training – Canadian Graduate $200 1 month
Geoscientist-in-Training – International Graduate $200 2 to 4 months
Permission to Consult No fee  2 to 3 weeks
Professional Engineer/Geoscientist (from Member-in-Training) $100 2 to 4 weeks
Professional Engineer/Geoscientist – Inter-Association Mobility $300 4 to 6 weeks
Temporary Licensee $300 1 month
Professional Engineer (from Temporary Licensee) No fee 2 weeks

Annual Registration Fees

These fees must be paid annually to maintain your registration with APEGS. When you initially get approved you will receive an invoice for annual registration fees, pro-rated for the remainder of the year. Do not pay until you have received the invoice with the correct amount owing.

Membership Type Membership Licence Total*
Member-in-Training $85 $265 $350
Professional Member $85 $365 $450
Engineering/Geoscience Licensee $85 $365 $450
Temporary Licensee NA $450 $450
Permission to Consult No Fee No Fee No Fee
Certificate of Authorization (1-5 member employees) NA $400 $400
Certificate of Authorization (6 or more member employees) NA $800 $800
Life Member NA NA NA

* Please Note: 5% GST will be added

Reinstatement Fees

Membership Type Amount* Estimated Processing Time
Member-in-Training (in same calendar year as membership ended) No fee 2 to 3 weeks
Professional Member (in same calendar year as membership ended) No fee 2 to 3 weeks
Member-in-Training (membership ended in a previous year) $200 2 weeks to 6 months
Professional Member (membership ended in a previous year) $300 2 weeks to 6 months
Eng./Geo. Licensee (in same calendar year as membership ended) No fee 1 to 2 weeks
Eng / Geo Licensee (membership ended in a previous year) $300 2 weeks to 6 months

*Please Note: If your membership ended because you did not pay your fees before the deadline, a 15% surcharge will be added.

Technical Exam Fees

Fee Type Amount*
Cost per exam $460 1,2
1Application $210
2Online proctoring $250
Re-read $330

*Taxes included

Paper Applications

Click here for Certificate of Authorization application.

If you require a paper application form for any other application type, because you are GST exempt or are unable to complete your application online, please Contact Us.