Continuing Professional Development Program

When members register with APEGS, it becomes a professional obligation to stay informed and maintain competence within their respective professions. APEGS has formalized this obligation through its Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program. This program helps members formally demonstrate to the public their knowledge, credibility, and competence in meeting the skill demands of today, while also preparing for the environments of tomorrow.

The program requires members to:
  1. Create/update a CPD Plan
  2. Track their CPD
  3. Obtain their minimum number of credits
  4. Obtain credits in the minimum number of categories
  5. Obtain one hour of verifiable ethics training
  6. Report their CPD information online in APEGS Central, the self-serve portal

The program was updated in June 2022 to make the requirements clearer based on feedback received from members and lessons learned from the past year. Refer to CPD Program Basics for a table summarizing those changes and for more about the annual program requirements. For full program details, refer to the updated version of the program document.