Honours & Awards

APEGS Awards

The APEGS Awards highlight Saskatchewan engineers and geoscientists for their contributions to the public and the professions. They showcase and recognize exemplary competence and conduct to foster professional excellence among members, inspire the next generation of professionals, and raise awareness of the roles of engineers, geoscientists, and APEGS in protecting the public.

There are six awards for engineering and geoscience registrants of APEGS, as well as an award for an individual for achievements or contributions in support of the engineering and geoscience professions. The awards are being presented at a banquet in March as part of Engineering and Geoscience Week.

Awards List

Brian Eckel Distinguished Service Award
An honour given only to those who truly exemplify the best standards of engineering and geoscience in Saskatchewan.

Outstanding Achievement Award
Honours members who show technical excellence and achievement in engineering and/or geoscience in Saskatchewan.

McCannel Award
Honours service to APEGS, and to the Professions as a whole.

Exceptional Engineering/Geoscience Project Award
Recognizes accomplishments in engineering and/or geoscience.

Environmental Excellence Award
Recognizes the exceptional achievements by an individual or team related to environmental protection and preservation.

Promising Member Award
Recognizes exceptional achievements by a professional member in the early stages of his/her career in Saskatchewan.

Friend of the Professions Award
Recognizes exceptional achievements or unique contributions by a non-member in the promotion of the professions.

Why should members submit a nomination?

Engineers and geoscientists are in the best position to observe the professional excellence and exemplary competence and conduct of others in the workplace or community and nominate them for an award.

Submit a nomination

All professional members of APEGS who are in good standing are eligible for nomination. The Friend of the Professions Award is open to non-members of the Association. APEGS interviews award recipients and nominators to produce videos as part of the celebration.

Use the APEGS Awards Nomination Form and submit it through our Contact Us page or mail it to:

Attention: Awards Committee
300-4581 Parliament Avenue
Regina, SK S4W 0G3

Nomination deadline

Each year, nominations are due by October 1st.

Nomination and the selection criteria

Each Award has different percentages allotted to the selection criteria. Details regarding criteria and past award winners can be found by reviewing each of the seven awards listed above. The nomination form also provides guidance as to the criteria categories.

When nominating, each criteria category should be completed to give your group or individual candidate the best chance of succeeding. Submissions will be eligible for up to three years.

Collecting reference letters, and providing links to media, LinkedIn, blogs, websites, etc., are encouraged to enhance your submission and share additional information on the project, achievements, or volunteerism for the individual or group.

In addition to the APEGS Awards, APEGS seeks recommendations for other provincial and national awards, such as the Saskatchewan Order of Merit, the Order of Canada, the Canadian Engineers’ Awards (Engineers Canada) and the Canadian Professional Geoscientist Award (Geoscientists Canada).