Friend of the Professions Award

The Friend of the Professions Award was established in 2013 to recognize exceptional achievements or unique contributions by a non-member in the promotion of the professions.

Selection criteria for the Friend of the Professions Award:
  • Individual or group contributions to support and promote the professions through the media or directly to the public
  • Documentation of the history of the professions
  • Comprehensive media coverage of an outstanding engineering or geoscience achievement
  • Long-time service on an APEGS committee or other form of contribution to the success of activities promoting the professions to the public
Past Friend of the Profession Award Winners

2024   Dr. Dominique Turcotte (View video here)
2023   Doug Wakabayashi (View video here)
Dr. Adam McInnes, M.D., M.Sc. (View video here)
2021 Ron Genest (View video here)
2020 Megan Moore (View video here)
2019 Deborah Rolfes (View video here)
2018 Wendy Paddock
2017 Norman Sacuta
2016 Benjamin Freitag
2015 Pat Faulconbridge
2014 Leslie Bell
2013 Lyle Benko and Dean Elliott