Public Accountability

Public Accountability Advisory Group – Call for Public Representatives

We are seeking applications from members of the public, who reside in Saskatchewan and are not engineers or geoscientists, to serve on an advisory group for a maximum three-year term starting October 2024. Click here to learn more about the volunteering opportunity.

As a regulator of the engineering and geoscience professions, APEGS protects the public by monitoring and responding to multiple issues of potential public interest and concern as they relate to professional engineering and professional geoscience practices in Saskatchewan.

APEGS is committed to upholding public confidence in the practice of professional engineering and the practice of professional geoscience by acting in the public interest. To demonstrate the commitment, in 2023, Council approved the organizational intent statements outlined below. Actions associated with these statements, as well as other areas of public interest, will be incrementally implemented by APEGS.

APEGS’ new Public Accountability Advisory Group, comprised of licensed engineers and geoscientists as well as public representatives, will oversee our efforts to monitor and respond to current and emerging issues of potential public interest and concern, including, but not limited to environment and sustainability and equity and diversity.

Organizational Intent Statements

Environment and Sustainability

  • Ensure that APEGS’ role in regulating the professions accurately reflects the intent of environment and sustainability as described in the Act and Bylaws in the public interest.
  • Support the proficiency and competency of members in environmental and sustainable development practices as it relates to the professions.
  • Facilitate the connection of environment and sustainability in the professions through initiatives that impact the regulation of the professions.
  • APEGS commit to review and improve its environmental footprint and sustainable development practices.

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

  • APEGS is committed to advancing equity, diversity, and inclusion within our organization in alignment with our strategic imperative and commitment to upholding public interest in the professions we regulate.
  • APEGS is committed to Truth and Reconciliation. We do our part to review, understand, and introduce appropriate actions that support the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada’s calls to action.
  • APEGS believes that advancing equity, diversity, and inclusion within the professions enhances and improves competency and capabilities of members as they build trust and mutual respect with the public. Informed engineers and geoscientists are better positioned to meet the needs of diverse communities as they practice their professions.
  • APEGS recognizes that systematic inequities exist throughout the engineering and geoscience professions. As such, is committed to fostering an inclusive and equitable approach that benefits current and future members, APEGS volunteers, and staff.
  • Advancement in equity, diversity, and inclusion aligns with APEGS’ vision as a leader in providing progressive regulation that unites the interests of the public with the practice of its members towards the betterment of society.