CPD Program Basics

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program Basics

The APEGS CPD Program came into effect on January 1, 2019. It is required that all APEGS members report their CPD information to APEGS each year. For the latest version of the CPD Program Document, which describes the program in detail, click here.

The annual requirements for members are:
  1. Create/update a CPD Plan
  2. Track your CPD
  3. Obtain your minimum number of credits
  4. Obtain credits in the minimum number of categories
  5. Obtain one hour of verifiable ethics training
  6. Report your CPD information online in APEGS Central, the self-serve portal

To determine the number of credits and categories needed each year, refer to the table below.

Annual Requirements for the CPD Program*

Credit requirement Minimum number of activity categories required Annual ethics component required? Annual reporting of CPD credits required?
Members-in-Training 80 3 Yes Yes
Professional Members 80 3 Yes Yes
Licensees 80 3 Yes Yes
Licence Waiver Holder** 30 2 Yes Yes
Temporary Licensees Not applicable
Life Members Not applicable
Applicants Not applicable

* Members joining APEGS part way through the reporting year may prorate requirements. See Section 4.5 of the CPD Program Document.

** The licence waiver holder requirements apply to any Member-in-Training, Professional Member or Engineering or Geoscience Licensee who has been granted a licence waiver for the entire year.

CPD Tutorials

To help members better understand how the CPD Program works, APEGS has put together a collection of helpful video tutorials.

APEGS Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Tutorial – How the CPD Program Works
APEGS Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Tutorial – CPD Program Requirements
APEGS Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Tutorial – CPD Plan and Scope of Practice
APEGS Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Tutorial – CPD Activity Categories