Council Elections

APEGS strives to have a council that is balanced through representation in competencies, experience, qualities and diversity. APEGS seeks applications from members to be considered for election to council based on the current council evaluation and gaps identified. The call for applications opens each fall. The Nominating Committee confirms nominees by January and the nominees are announced in February. Voting for the election opens in March and closes on polling day in April. The new council is inducted at the annual meeting on the first Saturday in May.


To qualify as a potential nominee, applicants must be APEGS members in good standing, reside in Saskatchewan, and be Continuing Professional Development (CPD) compliant as described in The Engineering and Geoscience Professions Act (Section 9) and The Engineering and Geoscience Professions Administrative Bylaws (Section 12).

Qualifying Process

APEGS assesses nominees using the following process:

  • a gap analysis of continuing council members
  • prioritization of desired skills to add to council
  • solicitation for and recruitment of applicants
  • review of applicants’ experience and skills
  • interviews of applicants
  • consideration of the council composition of attributes and competencies tempered by the concepts of inclusivity and representation
  • nomination of successful applicants

How to Apply

Members wishing to apply are asked to complete an application and self-assessment form, which is available in the fall when the call for applications opens. You are also required to include your curriculum vitae (CV). Submit your documents to Gina McGinn via email (on behalf of the Nominating Committee). Late applications will not be accepted.

The self-evaluation form includes a statement of why you are interested in serving on council and your review of how you meet the included skills and competencies.

For more information, refer to the Role and Responsibilities of an APEGS Councillor, which includes the time commitment required, visit the Frequently Asked Questions section, or contact Gina McGinn, MA, ICD.D