Engineering and Geoscience Week

Each year, APEGS requests the Government of Saskatchewan to proclaim Engineering and Geoscience Week as the first week in March as part of National Engineering Month. This year, Engineering and Geoscience Week was March 3-9, 2024.

The week provides an opportunity to celebrate the essential role that engineers and geoscientists play in the lives of Saskatchewan residents to ensure safety while providing a modern way of life.

APEGS hosts a variety of events to observe the week, including professional development opportunities for all members, a luncheon to recognize those who have become professional members in the past year, and the APEGS awards banquet to foster professional excellence among members.

Engineering and Geoscience Week is also an opportunity to attract fresh minds to the professions. APEGS encourages students’ interest in the professions by sponsoring the Saskatchewan Science Centre, Nutrien Wonderhub, EYES Science and Engineering Education Program, SCI-FI Science Camps, and the below opportunities in geoscience. In addition, APEGS began sponsoring the IMAX film “Cities of the Future“, which opened at the Kramer IMAX Theatre in February 2024. This engaging film explores the innovative technologies and engineering marvels shaping tomorrow’s urban environments, showcasing the critical role of engineers and geoscientists in building sustainable cities.

GeoExplore Saskatchewan

GeoExplore Saskatchewan

APEGS sponsors this interactive resource to allow students to explore the many geoscience wonders of the province. There are over 80 points of interest, with photos and explanations of a variety of unique and beautiful features, plus thematic pages explaining fundamental geological concepts in plain language, like the Avonlea and Big Muddy badlands (with iconic Castle Butte), the Qu’Appelle Valley glacial spillway, and the rock formations that created Saskatchewan’s waterfalls and cliffs.

Check out GeoExplore by clicking here.

GeoExplore Saskatchewan (10:04)

A walk through some highlights of the online resource with a professional geoscientist.

Mineral Identification (11:14)

A lesson on mineral identification for Earth Science 30, Grade 7 science and Grade 4 science delivered by a science educator.

Mineral Identification – Teacher Tips (1:30)

Some tips to help teachers prepare to deliver the lesson.