Engineering and Geoscience Week

The fields of engineering and geoscience are not only exciting, but essential to our safety and modern way of life. Careers in these fields are vast and varied, and it is essential to continually attract fresh minds to the professions. That is why APEGS annually celebrates Engineering and Geoscience Week. As part of the larger National Engineering and Geoscience Month celebrated across Canada, APEGS shares online educational resources about engineering and geoscience with schools and students across Saskatchewan. This week-long celebration provides APEGS with the opportunity to share the many exciting career possibilities available in the fields of engineering and geoscience.

Kindergarten to Grade 12 Resources

APEGS is committed to promoting and encouraging science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (“STEM”) education to students from Kindergarten to Grade 12, their parents, and educators.

Below are some APEGS-funded materials and resources to help educate students about engineering and geoscience.

GeoExplore Saskatchewan

GeoExplore Saskatchewan

This interactive resource allows students to explore the many geoscience wonders of the province. There are over 80 points of interest, with photos and explanations of a variety of unique and beautiful features, plus thematic pages explaining fundamental geological concepts in plain language, like the Avonlea and Big Muddy badlands (with iconic Castle Butte), the Qu’Appelle Valley glacial spillway, and the rock formations that created Saskatchewan’s waterfalls and cliffs.

Check out GeoExplore by clicking here.

GeoExplore Saskatchewan (10:04)

A walk through some highlights of the online resource with a professional geoscientist.

Mineral Identification (11:14)

A lesson on mineral identification for Earth Science 30, Grade 7 science and Grade 4 science delivered by a science educator.

Mineral Identification – Teacher Tips (1:30)

Some tips to help teachers prepare to deliver the lesson.

Dream Big

Dream Big: Engineering our World

This movie, with accompanying educational resources, was introduced by APEGS to all schools in Saskatchewan for Engineering and Geoscience Week 2019. These resources allow students to explore how engineers solve big and small problems to improve people’s lives. They are available to schools through the Ministry of Education’s ROVER service (Recommended Online Video Educational Resources).

Teachers can access the movie and educational resources as follows:

Parents can access the movie and educational resources as follows: