CPD Program Documents

There are many different documents required for members to comply with the APEGS Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program. Below is a handy list of the required forms and documents. Members requiring assistance with any of these forms can reach out through our Contact Us page.

CPD Program Document

CPD Program Document – For 2023 reporting cycle

CPD Program Document – For 2024 reporting cycle

CPD Plan

CPD Plan template (pdf)

CPD Plan template (docx)

CPD Plan Questionnaire

CPD Plan – Examples

CPD Plan – Scope of Practice Examples

Tracking CPD

CPD Activity Tracker – Template – 2024 to 2028

CPD Activity Tracker – Template – 2022

Annual Activity Record – Examples

Banked Credits – Example

Reporting CPD

APEGS – How to report CPD credits online

APEGS – How to enter Reporting Elsewhere CPD credits


Ethics Requirement Overview – 2021 Guide

Variation Program

Special consideration may be given to members with extenuating circumstances who may be unable to meet their annual CPD requirements. In these cases, a member can apply for a CPD Variation to have their annual requirements reduced for a single reporting cycle. Full program requirements will apply the following year unless a new Variation is applied for. For more information, refer to Section 5 of the CPD Program Document.

Variation Application Forms

CPD Variation Request – 2024 Application Form

CPD Remediation Program

If a member is not able to meet their CPD requirements for the year, they must complete a CPD Remediation Plan and submit it to APEGS for review. This document outlines what specific activities the member will undertake the next year to make up the deficient requirements from the previous year. Note that these remedial activities will be in addition to a member’s regular requirements for that year. For more information, refer to Section 6 in the CPD Program Document.

Remediation Plan Forms

CPD Remediation Plan – Template (pdf)

CPD Remediation Plan – Template (docx)