How to Apply (Business)

To Apply for a Certificate of Authorization (C of A), you must have at least one official representative who is licensed to practice professional engineering or professional geoscience in Saskatchewan. To find out about the requirements and process to apply for a licence see About Registration for individuals.

If you already have an official representative, follow the link below for instructions on how to apply for C of A.

If you already have a certificate of authorization and wish to make changes or reinstate it. Select the appropriate link below for further information.

Apply for a Certificate of Authorization (C of A)

Any partnership, association of persons (AOP), or corporation that engages in the practice of professional engineering and/or geoscience as its principal or customary function must obtain a Certificate of Authorization (C of A).

Reinstate a Certificate of Authorization

If it has been more than two years since you submitted a C of A application, then you must submit a new application for reinstating a Certificate of Authorization, along with the application fee and any required supporting documents. If the C of A membership ended in a previous year, but less than two years ago, you must submit a new application, along with any applicable fees and supporting documents.