Reinstatement – Member-in-Training

This process applies to anyone who was formerly registered as an Engineer-in-Training or Geoscientist-in-Training with APEGS.

Reinstatement Fee

  • If you resigned your membership before it expired, you will not have to pay a reinstatement fee.
  • If your membership ended because you did not pay your annual fees by the due date (January 31st of the year which they are for), then you must pay a reinstatement fee, as well as the full annual fees, to reinstate your membership.

Reinstatement Process

A. If you are applying for reinstatement in the same year that your membership ended, then you do not have to submit a new application.

  1. Send an email through our Contact Us page and indicate that you wish to reinstate your membership.
  2. An invoice will be posted to your online profile for pro-rated annual fees for the remainder of the year.
  3. After you have paid the annual fees, you will receive a certificate in the mail and an electronic image of your seal by email. If you ordered a physical stamp, it will be delivered within a few months (this may take slightly longer if you are located outside of Canada).
  4. Once you have paid your annual fees you are permitted to use the appropriate title.
  5. Your certificate may take several months to arrive. You do not need your certificate in your possession to start using one of the protected titles.

B. If your registration ended in a previous year, then you must submit a new application, including applicable application fees. You will be required to follow the current registration processes, but your qualifications will not be reassessed. You must submit the same application type as when you originally applied. See How to Apply for more information.

Please Note: You must keep your APEGS profile information up to date, as APEGS will regularly need to contact you by both email and regular mail.