Engineering/Geoscience Licensee


If you have professional experience in engineering or geoscience that was supervised by a licensed professional in Canada, but do not have a bachelor’s level education in engineering or geoscience, you may qualify as an Engineering Licensee or Geoscience Licensee.

If you are already registered as an Engineering Licensee, Geoscience Licensee, Professional Licensee, Professional Technologist (or the equivalent) elsewhere in Canada, you should apply through Inter-Association Mobility.

Check to see if you meet the requirements:

First, review the Licensee Eligibility Policy to determine what combination of education and experience is required.

Next, review the Guide for Licensee Applicants.

Finally, complete the Eligibility Self-Assessment to determine if you qualify.

How to Apply:

First, you must create an account in APEGS Central (or Login if you already have one).

If you have previously applied to APEGS as an engineer-in-training or geoscientist-in-training, use the paper application form found here (this will reduce your application fee). Go to fees to view more payment options.

Next, complete all information in the “Apply Now” section.

Finally, send all Required Documents to APEGS (see below for details).

Good Character Requirement

If, during the application process, APEGS discovers that an applicant may not meet the Good Character Guideline then action will be taken.

Required Documents

The following documents are required when applying as an Engineering or Geoscience Licensee:

  1. Required Documents
    • If your education is from outside of Canada, you will require an ICAP course-by-course credential assessment from World Education Services (WES).
    • If your education is from within Canada, you will need transcripts issued to APEGS directly by the institution from which you graduated.

      (PLEASE NOTE: A Confirmation of Graduation is also required if date of graduation and degree/diploma awarded are not listed on the transcript.)

  2. Work experience reports, including:
  3. Licensee Member Chronological Summary form (pdf)
  4. Licensee Member Scope of Professional Practice form (pdf)
  5. Proof of Identification (pdf)
  6. Professional Practice Exam


You will be notified in writing if APEGS requires you to undertake up to a one-year probation period. You will be required to submit work experience for your probationary period. You must submit two six-month work experience reports during that year. You may apply to attend the Law and Ethics Seminar and write the Professional Practice Exam during the probation year.


  • After you pass the Professional Practice Exam, and complete the probation period, your application will be approved. You will then receive an email with an invoice for your annual registration fees.
  • After you have paid the annual fees, you will receive a certificate in the mail and an electronic image of your Professional Seal by email. If you ordered a physical stamp, it will be delivered within a few months (or slightly longer if you are located outside of Canada).
  • Once you have paid your annual fees, you are permitted to use the appropriate title (Engineering/Geoscience Licensee), and stamp and seal drawings.

You may submit the following applications at the same time as your licensee application (if they are required):

Permission to Consult

Permission to Consult

An eligible member who wishes to offer consulting engineering or geoscience services, directly or indirectly, must first obtain Permission to Consult. There is no application fee associated with Permission to Consult, but you must also maintain your annual membership and licence.

Certificate of Authorization

Certificate of Authorization (C of A)

Any partnership, association of persons (AOP) or corporation that engages in the practice of professional engineering and/or geoscience as its principal or customary function shall obtain a Certificate of Authorization (C of A).