Submit a Complaint

Submit a Complaint Against a Member

APEGS will conduct a complaint investigation whenever allegations of professional incompetence and/or professional misconduct against its members have been reported by means of written complaint. The written complaint can be in any format, however to establish jurisdiction it is important that the written complaint contain sufficient information (particulars and documents) to support the allegations.

Professional incompetence is a question of fact, but the display by a member of:

(a) a lack of knowledge, skill or judgment; or
(b) a disregard for the welfare of members of the public served by the profession;

of a nature or to an extent that demonstrates that the member is unfit to continue in the practice of the profession, is professional incompetence within the meaning of The Engineering and Geosciences Professions Act.

Professional misconduct is a question of fact, but any matter, conduct or thing, whether or not disgraceful or dishonourable, is professional misconduct within the meaning of The Engineering and Geosciences Professions Act if:

(a) it is harmful to the best interests of the public or the members;
(b) it tends to harm the standing of the profession;
(c) it is a breach of this Act or the bylaws; or
(d) it is a failure to comply with an order of the investigation committee, the discipline committee or the council.

Submit a Complaint Against a Non-Member

Where evidence indicates that a non-member has engaged in unauthorized Scope of Practice or misuse of “Title”, APEGS will take the necessary steps to bring the non-member into compliance with The Engineering and Geosciences Professions Act.

How to Submit a Complaint

Complainants can send a written complaint about a member or non-member via email to Chris Wimmer, P.Eng., Director of Investigation and Compliance at or send via regular mail to:

Attention: Complaints and Enforcement
300-4581 Parliament Avenue
Regina, SK S4W 0G3

Please note: For those submitting complaints via regular mail, please ensure all relevant documents related to the allegations are included with your submission.