Investigation Process

Individuals and corporate entities registered and/or licensed with APEGS are required to practice competently and ethically. As part of its regulatory obligations, APEGS is required to investigate allegations of professional incompetence and professional misconduct in accordance with The Engineering and Geoscience Professions Act.

Persons that believe that an engineer’s or geoscientist’s conduct constitutes professional incompetence or professional misconduct may submit a written complaint to APEGS.

Upon receipt of a written complaint, the Investigation Committee will initiate an investigation to determine whether the allegations, if proven, could reasonably be regarded as professional misconduct or professional incompetence. It is the responsibility of the Investigation Committee to determine whether sufficient evidence exists to proceed to a discipline hearing. Complainants are advised that complaints cannot be anonymous, and that a copy of the complaint will be provided to the member or licensee named in the complaint. The member or licensee will have an opportunity to review the complaint and provide a response.

The investigation is conducted by the Investigation Committee which includes a public representative. The committee normally meets about five to six times per year and, depending on complexity, an investigation can take up to a year or more to complete. During the investigation the committee will gather all relevant documents and particulars, will conduct interviews as required, and may even engage outside consulting expertise. The purpose of the investigation is to determine whether there is a basis for the Discipline Committee to hear and determine a formal complaint of professional misconduct or professional incompetence and apply the appropriate order (penalty). The Investigation and Discipline Committees receive staff support from the APEGS office and have access to external legal counsel.

All parts of the Investigation Committee’s work are held in the strictest confidence and all aspects of the investigation will remain confidential.