APEGS operates by the efforts of many volunteers. The Association requires new volunteers to serve on committees and to participate in other activities.

To recruit new committee volunteers, APEGS sends an annual expression of interest, via email, to active members residing in Saskatchewan. The expression of interest includes information on the main functions and expected time commitments for each committee seeking volunteers. During the annual call, interested members will send the completed form and their resume to APEGS. This allows vacant committee positions to be filled with volunteers who are currently interested in and available for committee work in a given year.

The 2024 call was open from January 25, 2024 to February 23, 2024.

The 2025 call will be open for a similar timeframe. Watch your email and check back for more information in early 2025.

Please note: it may take some time for members interested in volunteering to hear back from APEGS, as there are many members interested in volunteering. Please do not be discouraged.