Annual Renewal of Membership and Licence

Renewal notices for membership and licence  for the upcoming year are ready by mid-November each year to pay in APEGS Central, the self-serve portal. For fee amounts, visit the Annual Fees & Licence Waiver page.

Renewal notices for the annual fees for both individual members and holders of a Certificate of Authorization are mailed out in mid-November and may take two weeks or more to reach members. Annual fees payment covers the upcoming calendar year. Members do not need to wait for their fees notice to arrive and can pay online any time through APEGS Central.

Annual fees are due on or before December 31* regardless of the successful mail delivery to the address you have on record with APEGS. In accordance with The Engineering and Geoscience Professions Administrative Bylaws, membership and licence will cease as of January 31** if the annual fees payment has not been received at the APEGS office by that time. In this instance, a 15% reinstatement fee will apply if members wish to reinstate in the same calendar year. This reinstatement fee will be waived if members notify APEGS, in writing, before January 31** at 5:00 pm CST that they wish to resign.

*December 31 of the year prior to the year that the renewal pertains to.

**January 31 of the year that the renewal pertains to, or next business day if this is on a weekend. Note that fee payment received in the mail after January 31 that is postmarked on or before January 31 is deemed as a late payment and the reinstatement fee applies.

Please note: Members who have not received their fees notice by December 1 should check their address in APEGS Central, the self-serve portal, to ensure their contact information is up to date. If an update was required, you must notify the APEGS office through our Contact Us page (staff are not automatically notified of address updates made by members in APEGS Central).

Members are asked to pay their fees online using APEGS Central, the self-serve portal.

What happens if members do not renew on time?

If members do not renew their membership and licence by January 31 of the year the renewal pertains to, then membership and licence cease for non-payment. In addition, APEGS will apply a 15% reinstatement fee.

If a member pays their fees to reinstate their membership and licence in the same calendar year that the reinstatement fee was applied, the member will be required to pay full annual fees plus the reinstatement fee. In this scenario, once the annual and reinstatement fees are paid, the membership and licence are reactivated and proceed as usual.

Please note: If members do NOT reinstate by December 31st of the year that the membership ceased for non-payment, they will not receive a renewal notice for the subsequent year and will be required to re-apply if they need to reinstate their membership