Environmental Excellence Award

The Environmental Excellence Award was established in 2005. It recognizes the exceptional achievements by an individual or team in the application of engineering, geological and/or geophysical methods related to environmental protection and preservation.

Selection Criteria
  • Areal extent of environmental protection and/or preservation (50%)
  • Contributions to environmental awareness, preservation, protection and reclamation through education, leadership and/or involvement (25%)
  • Prevention of potential environmental impacts versus correction/remediation of existing impacts (15%)
  • Enhancement of the quality of life by improving the physical or social environment through engineering/geoscience and/or other works (10%)
Past Environmental Excellence Award Winners

2023   Saskatchewan Research Council – Project CLEANS (View video here)
 Wesley Kotyk, P.Eng. (View video here)
2021 Lyle Hosler, P.Eng. (View video here)
2020 Michael Nemeth, P.Eng., Leed AP (View video here)
2019 Nathan E.P. Bruce, Engineer-In-Training (View video here)
2018 Shelise R. Berteig, P.Eng.
2017 The Industrial Energy Optimization Project – SaskPower
2016 David deMontigny, Ph.D., P.Eng.
2015 Results-Based Regulation Code Secretariat – Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment
2014 Northgate Commodity Logistics Centre – Clifton Associates Ltd.
2013 Logan Green Water Management System – City of Yorkton
2012 Combined Heat and Power Demonstration Project – Saskatchewan Research Council
2011 The PISIM Project in Cumberland House
2010 Odyssey Environmental Ltd.
2009 Cheng-Ping Hwang, M.Sc., P.Eng.
2008 Best Policies Guidelines – SMEGAC
2007 Bushell Public Port Facility Site Remediation Project – Golder Associates Ltd.
2006 Ken Kelln, P.Eng. & Kelln Consulting Ltd.
2005 Wind Facilities – SaskPower, SaskPower International