Temporary Licensee

A Temporary Licence is available only to professional engineers registered in the State of Texas or with a Cedula in Mexico who have a bachelor’s degree in engineering and meet the requirements laid out below.

This annual licence is called ‘temporary’ because it can only be renewed for up to three years.

A Temporary Licensee applicant does not have to write the Professional Practice Exam (PPE).

A Temporary Licensee is not a member of APEGS and is therefore not entitled to participate in the governance of the Association.

If you are not qualified for a temporary licence, then you must follow the same application steps as an Engineer-in-Training – International Graduate.

If you require your licence in Saskatchewan for longer than three years, then you must become a Professional Engineer. When submitting your application you must choose the application type “Professional Engineer from Temporary Licensee”. There is no fee for this application, but you must write and pass the Professional Practice Exam before you are eligible to apply.


There are two ways to qualify as a Temporary Licensee:

Option 1: You have an accredited bachelor’s degree plus 12 years total experience

Option 2: You have a non-accredited bachelor’s degree plus 16 years total experience

If you have a bachelor’s degree in engineering from an accredited program in the United States (AEC-ABET) or Mexico (CACEI), then you must have a minimum of 12 years of professional-level engineering experience, including eight years post-licensure. It is not necessary that this experience was gained in Texas, and the eight years post-licensure can be as of obtaining a PE licence in any state.

Application Process

  1. To start, you must first determine if your bachelor program is accredited:
    • Check here for the Engineering Accreditation Commission of the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology, USA.
    • Check here for the Consejo de Acreditacion de la Ensenanza de la Ingeniera, United Mexican States (CACEI).
  2. Next, create an account (or Login if you already have one).
  3. Then, check your email for an “APEGS sign up verification”. The link in this email will take you directly to the APEGS Central homepage.
  4. From there, you will need to click on the “Applications” quick link on the left side of the page.
  5. Next, select “Apply Now” and choose the correct application type: “Temporary Licensee – 12 years”, or “Temporary Licensee – 16 years”. To submit your application online you must pay the application fee online by credit card. See fees for additional payment options.
  6. You must submit the following Required Documents to APEGS:
    • Proof of Identification
    • Proof of US Citizenship (Texas PEs only)
    • English Language competence
      • If your first language is not English or you have not completed a degree at a university where the language of instructions was English, you will need to demonstrate your competence in English. Learn more by viewing our English Competency Policy.
    • Work Experience history
      • NCEES Records, or
      • Resume plus a detailed experience report for your relevant engineering positions. You must use this cover page and follow the instructions within it for completing the work experience report.
    • Academic Documents
  7. After completing these steps, APEGS will confirm your Registration with the appropriate Regulator and notify you by email once you have been approved.
  8. An invoice for pro-rated annual Registration fees will be posted to your online profile. After you have paid your registration fees, you can use the “Temporary Licensee” title.
Good Character Requirement

If, during the application process, APEGS discovers that an applicant may not meet the Good Character Guideline then action will be taken.

Work Experience Guidelines:

Experience Guideline 1

Experience Guideline 1 Appendix 1

Experience Guideline 2

Is anything else required?

You may submit the following applications at the same time as your temporary licensee application (if required):

Permission to Consult

Permission to Consult

An eligible member who wishes to offer consulting engineering or geoscience services, directly or indirectly, must obtain Permission to Consult. There is no application fee associated with Permission to consult, but you must also maintain your annual membership and licence.

Certificate of Authorization

Certificate of Authorization (C of A)

Any partnership, association of persons (AOP), or corporation that engages in the practice of professional engineering and/or geoscience as its principal or customary function shall obtain a Certificate of Authorization (C of A).