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Self Assessment - Engineering

This page explains the purpose of the self-assessment. Instructions for completing the self-assessment are on the first page of the form. The self-assessment forms are based on the Canadian Engineering Qualifications Board (CEQB) syllabi.

CEQB Syllabi

The Canadian Engineering Qualifications Board (CEQB) develops and maintains a description of the content of generalized Canadian Engineering programs in a variety of disciplines that are commonly offered in Canada. These are known as syllabus descriptions. Each engineering discipline is comprised of two syllabi, one called Basics Studies, which is common to all disciplines, and another which is specific to the discipline e.g., Civil Engineering, or Mechanical Engineering.

APEGS uses these descriptions to determine if the content of your education has comparable breadth and depth to a Canadian bachelor's degree in engineering. The basic studies and discipline specific syllabi are combined in the self-assessment forms below. Your education is expected to cover both the basic studies and the discipline specific syllabus subjects. 

Choose the Self-Assessment form that is closest to the discipline of you bachelor level degree.

Self-Assessment Forms

Agricultural or Biological engineering.docx
Biomedical or Biochemical engineering.docx

Building engineering.docx
Chemical engineering.docx
Civil engineering.docx
Computer engineering.docx
Electrical engineering.docx
Engineering Physics.docx

Environmental engineering.docx
Forestry engineering.docx
Geological engineering.docx

Geomatics engineering.docx
Industrial engineering.docx
Marine engineering.docx

Mechanical engineering.docx
Mechatronics engineering.docx
Metallurgical engineering.docx
Mining engineering.docx
Naval Architecture engineering.docx
Petroleum engineering.docx
Software engineering.docx

Structural engineering.docx
Water Resources engineering.docx


Why do I have to do a self-assessment?

You know your academic background the best. To help the Reviewer performing the academic assessment, you must complete a self-assessment section of the form using the information from your course-by-course WES assessment. The self-assessment demonstrates to the Reviewer how your academic training compares to the CEQB syllabi. The self-assessment forms are the syllabi descriptions in a different format. 

How do I complete the self-assessment?

The first page of the self-assessment form includes instructions on how to complete it. Please do not change the format of the form. Click here for an example of how to fill out the self-assessment section.

Please make your self-assessment as accurate, complete and explicit as possible, since it will be used as a guide by the person who reviews your file. You must provide a digital copy (preferably MS Word) of your completed self-assessment to APEGS.

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