Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

The Continuing Professional Development (CPD)program was designed to meet APEGS' statutory requirements as well as the professional obligations of our members. 

All Professional Members and Members-in-Training are required to participate.

The CPD program provides members a simple four step framework to plan and report their professional development activities. Reporting should be completed at the end of the calendar year, and it should reflect the activities of the year. If you became a member during the year, you only need to report the activity from that day forward.
Step One
Identify where you are.
What combination of professional responsibilities, knowledge, skills and abilities do you currently have?
Step Two
Decide where you want or need to be.
What knowledge, skills, and abilities are required for your current career or future one? 
Step Three
Plan your program.
 What knowledge, skills, and abilities do you need or want to gain or enhance?
Step Four
Record and report your activities on the online personal profile.
 What activity categories are covered? What categories need more attention? Is your goal balance or specialization?
Details of the activity categories and level of participation can be found in the CPD Member Guideline. Examples of Scope of Practice and Annual Activity Record work sheets are provided below. You do not submit these worksheets to APEGS, but retain them to substantiate the credits you are reporting. You may also use alternate activity tracking methods if you prefer. However, the credits must be reported via your On-Line Profile under the MY DETAILS tab.

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