Annual Fees, Licence Waiver

This page shows annual membership and licence fees as well as licence waiver. For application fees and timelines, see Application Fees and Timelines page under Apply.

Do not submit payment of annual membership and licence fees with an application for registration. At the time you are approved, you will be sent a dues notice for the appropriate amount. Annual fees are prorated based on the calendar year and the month in which you are approved.

Membership / Licence Type

Annual Membership Fee

Annual Licence Fee

Total 1

Member-in-Training (engineer-in-training or geoscientist-in-training)




Professional Member2 (professional engineer or professional geoscientist)




Engineering Licensee / Geoscience Licensee




Temporary Licensee




Permission to Consult

No fee

No fee

No fee

Certificate of Authorization – 1 to 5 professional members employed with the company




Certificate of Authorization – 6 or more professional members employed with the company




1  5% GST will be added to these fees. GST Registration Number - 106733090

2  New professional members who are current members-in-training will have their professional member annual fees adjusted according to what they have already paid for member-in-training annual fees

Licence Waiver

Annual fees for members are split into two portions; membership fee and licence fee. You are eligible to apply for a licence waiver if you are retired or not working in Saskatchewan in one of these situations as follows:

a) not residing in Saskatchewan and not practicing engineering or geoscience on projects or properties located in Saskatchewan; or

b) residing in Saskatchewan, not practicing engineering or geoscience in Saskatchewan and unemployed (not working at any job whatsoever); or

c) Any member, regardless of place of residence:
       - pursuing full-time studies at an educational institution;
       - on maternity, paternity or parental leave;
       - away from the work force to raise a family or provide elder care;
       - retired and not eligible for Life Membership;
       - on disability leave.

How to reinstate your licence if need be:

If you are granted a licence waiver and sometime later during the year you return to work or obtain engineering or geoscience work on projects or properties located in Saskatchewan, then you shall advise APEGS and pay the appropriate, prorated licence fee. Call the APEGS office or email us at and we will create the appropriate annual dues notice. You can pay it in one of three ways: by credit card in your On-Line Profile, credit card number provided over the phone, mail a cheque. Your licence is not reinstated until payment is received.

You are not eligible for a licence waiver if:

a) Your circumstances are not listed above;

b) You are resident in Saskatchewan, are employed (including non-engineering/geoscience jobs) and are registered in Saskatchewan only, regardless of the location of your workplace;

c) You are an Official Representative for a Certificate of Authorization (C of A) and there is no other Official Rep for the C of A that is licenced;

d) You are a Temporary Licensee.

Retroactive Remission of Licence Fee

Members who qualify for a licence waiver are eligible for retroactive remission of the licence fee in circumstances b) and c) listed above, upon written request to APEGS. Retroactive remission may be granted for the licence fee applicable to the previous calendar year only. Retroactive remission for a waiver of the licence fee will only be considered for durations of three consecutive months or longer. The three consecutive months do not have to occur all in the same calendar year.

If you are eligible for retroactive remission of licence fee, a credit will be applied to your account (to be used toward future annual fees). A refund will be issued only if you discontinue membership. The refund would be granted to the person / company who paid the licence fee.

Example of how retroactive remission of licence fee works

Let's say Jane is a professional member and starts her maternity leave on May 15, 2018:

a) Jane pays full fees for 2018 (membership and licence fee). She would have done that by December 31, 2017.

b) In November 2018, Jane will receive her 2019 renewal notice. Jane will apply for a licence waiver for 2019 and request retroactive remission of her licence fee for June to December 2018 (starting the month after she started maternity leave). Retroactive remission of the licence fee can only be granted based on what has already occurred (not based on future, planned events), that is why she has to wait until she receives her renewal notice to request it for the past year.

c) Upon return to work (assuming that is May 15, 2019), Jane will call the APEGS office to inform us that she has returned to work and she will be sent a dues notice for the May to December 2019 which needs to be paid within six weeks. 

In summary, here are the actions that Jane needs to take:

a) Pay full fees for the entire year that she starts maternity leave (2018 in this case),

b) While on maternity leave, she will receive her renewal notice. She does three things at that time (before December 31, 2018). The first two things can be submitted together:

    - submits the licence waiver application / declaration for the upcoming year by mail, fax or email to (the licence waiver application comes with her renewal notice and is called the "Yellow form"),

    - sends a request by mail, fax or email to that states "I am requesting retroactive remission of my licence fee for June to December 2018 because I was on maternity leave",

    - pays the $89.25 membership fee (includes GST) for the upcoming year. Payment options are shown on the Green Info Sheet and the licence waiver application / declaration that came with her dues notice (the Yellow form). The licence waiver will not be approved or processed until payment is received. She will receive a credit on her account for the prorated licence fee for June to December 2018 ($212.92 plus GST = $223.57),

c) When Jane returns to work (assuming that is May 15, 2019), she calls the APEGS office and tells us that she has returned to work. APEGS will send her a dues notice for the prorated licence fee for May to December 2019 ($243.33 plus GST = $255.50). A "Consolidated Dues Statement" will be attached which shows the credit on her account from the 2018 licence fee ($223.57), so she owes only $31.93. This needs to be paid within six weeks.

Further information and questions

For further details for newly approved members to apply for a licence waiver, please see the document below called "Payment Info Sheet - new approval" and "Waiver Application - new approval".
For existing members that are renewing for the upcoming calendar year, see the documents below- 2018 Annual Dues Info Sheet_Green and 2018 Waiver Resignation Life Member Application - Yellow.

Click here to see the FAQs on licence waiver (scroll down to "FAQs on licence waiver").

If you have any questions on licence waiver, contact Barbara Miller or Shawna Argue at the APEGS office.

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