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Canadian Engineering Graduates

Member-in-training Application Process

If you are on this page, then you have a CEAB (Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board) accredited bachelor degree in engineering. If you do not have a degree in engineering accredited by the CEAB, you must follow the same process as international engineering graduates. If you have experience in engineering but do not have a four-year bachelor education in engineering, then you may be eligible for Engineering Licensee.

For a list of CEAB accredited degrees go to this web page: http://www.engineerscanada.ca/sites/default/files/accredited_programs_list_2014.pdf 


The following documents are required for this process:

  • Member-in-training application and fee ($210 including GST)
  • Proof of Identification
  • Direct Confirmation of Graduation


Application Process

Step 1: Submit Application

Online application instructions for first time applicants who have never applied to APEGS in the past:

1)      Create an account with APEGS* and follow the instructions on screen: https://www.apegs.ca/Portal/Pages/sign-up-member

* If you have applied to APEGS in the past then you already have an account and you would not use this sign up page. You would go straight to APEGS Central (your online profile) by clicking “Login” on the top right corner of this page. If you don’t remember your former registration number/User ID with APEGS, please contact the APEGS office: 306-525-9547, toll free 1-800-500-9547, or apegs@apegs.ca.

2)      Check your email for “APEGS sign up verification” from APEGS apegs@apegs.caThe link in this email will take you to APEGS Central homepage and click on "Applications" tab which is on the left side of APEGS Central home page.

3)      Select “Apply Now”.

4)      Follow the instructions on screen to choose the correct application type (EIT - Canadian grad).

Or - the alternative to the online application:

Member-In-Training Paper Application form 

You may apply using the printed application form only if a company is paying the application fee by cheque or the company who is paying the application fee does not pay GST (such as Government of Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan Watershed Authority). Do not submit the paper application form if you apply on-line.

Step 2: Submit Required Documents to APEGS 

The required documents are: a) direct confirmation of graduation, and; b) proof of ID as follows:

2a) Direct Confirmation of Graduation

How do I provide Direct Confirmation of Graduation?

Option 1:
 Send the Confirmation of Graduation  form to the institution where you received your bachelor degree. You complete the top two boxes of the form and send it to the university where you completed your bachelor degree. The university will then complete the bottom box and send it directly to APEGS as per the instructions on the form.

Option 2:
 Order original transcripts from the institution where you received your bachelor degree to be sent directly to APEGS. The transcript must show the degree awarded.

Graduates of the University of Saskatchewan can request an official confirmation of their degree online (through PAWS) at no charge:

Log into PAWS (requires U of S Network Services ID (NSID) and password).If you don’t have an ID and password, request a NSID and password from Alumni Relations.

Click on the Academics tab. In the Transcripts and Degree Confirmation channel click on Degree Confirmation Letter. Request that the confirmation be sent directly to APEGS by entering this into the email address recipient box: tweichel@apegs.ca.  NOTE: do not enter your own email address because APEGS will only accept the confirmation email forwarded directly through PAWS (it cannot be forwarded from your personal email address).

What if the convocation ceremony has not occurred yet?

If the convocation ceremony has not occurred yet and the Registrar's Office cannot yet issue a confirmation of graduation, then have the Faculty of Engineering or College of Engineering send a letter directly to the APEGS office indicating that you have completed all the requirements for the degree and you have been recommended for convocation. Your name, degree awarded, discipline, and date of convocation ceremony need to be on the letter.  Alternatively, wait until after the convocation ceremony to apply with APEGS so that the direct confirmation of graduation can be issued the usual way, normally through the University's Registrar's office.

2b) Proof of Identification

How do I provide Proof of Identification?

Read the Proof of ID policy_Oct2012

Fill out and submit the Proof of Identification Form with example.pdf and attach a copy of the relevant photo ID signed by the guarantor.

All documents must be mailed to APEGS. Scanned or faxed copies are not acceptable.


If during the registration process APEGS discovers that an applicant or member may not meet the Good Character Guideline then action will be taken.

Next Steps

After your application is approved by the Registrar you will be notified by automatic email on how to check your application status and pay annual fees.

You have the privilege of using the title "engineer-in-training" only after you have been approved.

After you have paid annual fees, your stamp will be delivered which can take up to 17-18 weeks. 

Your certificate will be delivered after it is signed which can take up to 17-18 weeks. You do not need your certificate in your possession in order to start using the title "engineer-in-training".


Keep your contact information up to date

Once you have applied with APEGS we need to be able to contact you both by email and by regular mail. It is very important that you keep your contact information up to date or you may not receive important correspondance regarding your file. It is your responsibility to make sure the information we have is correct and up to date. You can do this using APEGS Central (the new online profile). 




Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on member-in-training applications can be found here

If you have any questions concerning the application process for Canadian engineering graduates, please contact Taylor Weichel at the APEGS office: Local Regina 306-525-9547, Toll free 1-800-500-9547 or by email at tweichel@apegs.ca.  

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