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Inter-Association Mobility

If you are currently a professional engineer, professional geoscientist, engineer-in-training, geoscientist-in-training, provisional licensee, engineering licensee (or equivalent such as limited member or professional licensee), or geoscience licensee (or equivalent such as limited member or professional licensee) in good standing, in another Canadian jurisdiction, or your registration lapsed less than three months ago, choose one of the options below for inter-association mobility.

Note that if you have a “non-practicing” status in the other Association/Ordre then you are not eligible for inter-Association mobility unless you go through whatever process is necessary to reinstate your licence to practice engineering or geoscience. However, if you went to non-practicing status 3 months ago or less, then you can apply under mobility (same treatment as former members of another Association).

Inter-Association Mobility - Professional Member

I am registered as a professional engineer or professional geoscientist in another jurisdiction in Canada.

Inter-Association Mobility - Member-In-Training


I am registered as an engineer-in-training, geoscientist-in-training or provisional licensee* in another jurisdiction in Canada.

*Provisional Licensee - APEGS does not have a "provisional licensee" registration category. In other Associations, depending on the Association, it signifies that the person has met all of the requirements for professional registration except for either the one year of Canadian work experience or the language requirement. The mobility application type you are eligible for with APEGS is either engineer-in-training or geoscientist-in-training.
If you have questions or to discuss the best route for your situation contact Kate MacLachlan, Director of Registration at katem@apegs.ca or call her at the APEGS office. 


Inter-Association Mobility - Engineering or Geoscience Licensee

I am registered as an engineering licensee or geoscience licensee in another jurisdiction in Canada. Equivalent titles in other jurisdictions include: limited member, professional licensee. Professional Technologists from Alberta may also be eligible. See the web page for further detail.




If you are a former registrant in Saskatchewan or another jurisdiction in Canada, go to the Reinstatement page. Note that if you were registered in another jurisdiction in Canada and your registration ceased less than three months ago, you can still apply under Inter-Association Mobility.


Is anything else required?

You may submit the following applications at the same time as your professional member application, if they are required:

Permission to Consult

I am an appropriately licensed individual (or have applied) and need Permission to Consult.

Certificate of Authorization

I am applying on behalf of a company for a Certificate of Authorization.

Inter-Association mobility from Saskatchewan to other provinces

Professional Members

Professional engineers and geoscientists are entitled to registration in other provinces and territories of Canada under the Canada Free Trade Agreement without being re-assessed.


Eligibility for mobility as a member-in-training varies by province. Contact the Association you wish to apply to for information. The policies and practices of other Associations are outside the control of APEGS. 

Engineering or Geoscience Licensee

Eligibility for mobility as an engineering licensee or geoscience licensee (or equivalent) depends upon whether or not the equivalent registration category exists in the other province. A difference in the name of the designation for this registration category does not matter. What matters is that the requirements for that registration category are the same. Contact the Association you wish to apply to for information. 

Temporary Licensee

Temporary Licensees are not eligible for mobility to other provinces / territories of Canada. A temporary licensee can become a full P.Eng. member by passing the Professional Practice Exam, then submitting the on-line application "P.Eng. from Temporary Licensee". There is no application fee for this application. NOTE: You cannot apply as "P.Eng. from Temporary Licensee" with APEGS if you are registered as a Temporary Licensee in another province or territory of Canada. Once registered as a professional engineer, then you are eligible for mobility across Canada. 

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