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International Mobility - Ireland

Chartered Engineer with Engineers Ireland 

This application route applies only to Chartered Engineers of Engineers Ireland, CEng Ordinary Member (MIEI), who have been granted this title following successful completion of the "normal route", including the submission of Initial Professional Development Report/Essays and participating in the professional interview as described in the Engineers Ireland Document “Regulations for the title of Chartered Engineer”. 


The following are required for this process:

  • Engineer-in-Training – Intl grad application and fee ($210 including tax)
  • Cover letter (may be in the form of an email sent to documents-academicreview@apegs.ca) indicating that you are applying under the professional level Mutual Recognition Agreement with Engineers Ireland.  Please include your full name and membership number as they appear with Engineers Ireland. APEGS will contact Engineers Ireland directly to confirm that you are a member in good standing.
  • Original or certified/notarized copies of all university transcripts and certificates/diplomas or WES ICAP document by document assessment. You must have an accredited engineering degree or a bachelor level university program of study in engineering to qualify under this Agreement. If your bachelor degree is not accredited through a Washington Accord signatory, then APEGS will check transcripts and other background information on the institution that you received your bachelor degree from to make a determination.  
  • Proof of identity, this Proof of Identification Form_with example.pdf must be sent by regular mail/post or courier.  The guarantor can be a Chartered Engineer with Engineers Ireland in addition to the other types listed in the form.

Academic documents must be sent to APEGS by mail. Scanned or faxed copies are not acceptable.

Application Process

Once your engineer-in-training application has been approved, you will be notified in writing. Then your file will be passed to the Director of Registration to grant the three years of international experience credit that you are entitled to, and you will be notified in writing when that has taken place. 

Step 1: Submit Engineer-in-Training Application

Online application instructions for first time applicants who have never applied to APEGS in the past:

1)      Create an account with APEGS* and follow the instructions on screen: 


* If you have applied to APEGS in the past then you already have an account and you would not use this sign up page. You would go straight to APEGS Central (your online profile) by clicking “Login” on the top right corner of this page. If you don’t remember your former registration number/User ID with APEGS, please contact the APEGS office: 306-525-9547, toll free 1-800-500-9547, or apegs@apegs.ca.

2)      Check your email for “APEGS sign up verification” from APEGS apegs@apegs.caThe link in this email will take you to APEGS Central homepage and click on "Applications" tab which is on the left side of APEGS Central home page.

3)      Select “Apply Now”.

4)      Follow the instructions on screen to choose the correct application type (Engineer-in-Training - International graduate).


Member-in-Training Paper Application form

You may apply using the printed application form only if a company is paying the application fee by cheque or the company who is paying the application fee does not pay GST (such as Government of Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan Watershed Authority). Do not submit the paper application form if you apply on-line.

Step 2: Submit required documents

The required documents are listed above in the Requirements section. Some of the documents you submit directly to the APEGS office by mail. Others you will have to arrange for them to be sent from the appropriate organziation as indicated.

Next Steps

Once you are approved as an engineer-in-training and have been granted three years of international experience credit toward professional registration (this will be processed automatically by APEGS and you will received notice of it), then you must submit one year of Canadian or equivalent-to-Canadian experience once you have obtained it. The Member-In-Training page explains the requirements a member-in-training must meet before he or she may apply as a professional member.


If during the registration process APEGS discovers that an applicant or member may not meet the Good Character Guideline then action will be taken.

You do not qualify under this Mutual Recognition Agreement if...

If you obtained registration as a Chartered Engineer with Engineers Ireland through the alternative or exam route with Engineers Ireland and do not have the Canadian equivalent of a bachelor degree in engineering then you do not qualify under this Agreement. Also, a person who obtained registration as a Chartered Professional Engineer through a third party Agreement with Engineers Ireland does not qualify under this Agreement.


If you have any questions concerning the application process for mutual recognition agreements, please contact academic review staff by email at questions-academicreview@apegs.ca.

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