On-Line Services - APEGS Central

APEGS Central is for current members, former members, applicants and anyone who has ever registered for an APEGS event. The profile for a Certificate of Authorization (C of A) can also be viewed by an Official Rep in APEGS Central. If you have not applied to APEGS yet, see the "Apply" section of our web site.

The services available in APEGS Central for members, licensees, applicants and C of A holders (once an application has been submitted) are:

  1. Member information.
  2. Applications and application status.
  3. Subscriptions (Communications).
  4. Pay fees.
  5. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) reporting.
  6. Volunteering and committees.
  7. If applicable to you, Permission to Consult and Certificate of Authorization (C of A) information.
    • For C of As, the list of all engineers / geoscientists reponsible and their field of practice.
  8. Register for events

To access APEGS Central, click "Login" in the top right corner of any page on this website. You will need your five-digit file number or registration number (use a preceding zero if you registration number is only 4 digits) and a password.

If you have never used APEGS Central before (or the previous On-Line Profile), you can have your password sent to an email address you have on record with APEGS by selecting "Login" above right, then "Forgot Password". If you don't yet have an email address on record with APEGS, you can email apegs@apegs.ca to have one added to your account.

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