Academic Assessment – Self Assessment

If you are an international graduate applying for engineer-in-training status, APEGS will let you know if an academic assessment is required after receiving your World Education Services (WES) credential assessment. If you are an international graduate applying for geoscientist-in-training status, the academic assessment is always required.

The WES credential assessment provides APEGS with verification of the authenticity of your academic documents and a comparison of the length and level of your program relative to the Canadian education system. WES does not assess the content of your program. The purpose of the academic assessment undertaken by APEGS is to compare the content of your program to the Canadian requirement for licensure.

There is a fee for the academic assessment.


  1. Complete the appropriate self-assessment table and submit through Contact Us.
  2. Once all documentation has been submitted, your file status will change to “In Progress”.
  3. APEGS will compare your academic background to the Canadian Engineering Qualifications Board (CEQB) Syllabi or the Geoscience Knowledge and Experience (GKE) Requirements.
  4. You will receive a result from APEGS by email.

What Happens Next?

  • Depending on the outcome of your academic assessment, you may be required to write technical exams, complete approved courses, or have your work experience assessed.
  • The options will be explained to you when you receive your result.

What is a Self-Assessment?

  • During a self-assessment, you will undertake an analysis of your academic program in comparison to the expected content of current Canadian programs.
    • For engineering it would be the appropriate CEQB syllabi
    • For geoscience it would be the GKE

You know your academic background the best. To help the Reviewer performing the academic assessment, you must complete a self assessment.

How to do your Self-Assessment:

  • Begin by reviewing the self-assessment instructions and example found here.
  • Review relevant self-assessment tables listed below and choose the one that best matches the discipline of your bachelor’s degree.
  • Write the name of your classes (as they appear on the WES course listing) beside the appropriate subject description of the Canadian syllabus.

Please follow ALL of the self-assessment guidelines carefully and thoroughly. If information is missing you will be asked to resubmit your assessment. This will delay your application.

Self-Assessment Tables for Engineering
Self-Assessment Tables for Geoscience

Self Assessment Geology

Self Assessment Environmental Geoscience

Self Assessment Geophysics